Saturday, December 25, 2010


These were scenes when we took leave and depart for Haj on 4 November 2010. The living room was almost 2 ' under water. Lucky we had a boat, bought since the last flood in 2005 and this made transportation possible. As the frontage was on lower piece of land, it was near chest height in depth at the main gate. The flood water also covered the main road and made the airport nearby inpassable  for planes to land. 

WE have been away almost forty-three days and arriving home after the departure on 4th November have added more experiences and recollections. By all means we have had the privilege to  add to our list of friends: friendship acquired while being together during the period of the Haj. Meeting, knowing,travelling, praying and lunching or dining together during that period with new acquaintances surely helped to bind a closer rapport and helped bind a friendship especially when it happened in two beautiful cities of Islam i.e Makkah and Madinah. We were on the Haj journey along with more than three million pilgrims who made Makkah their destination during the Haj of 1431 Hijrah from all over the world. That magnitude of people converging in the holy city is hard to imagine unless you have been there. That they came with one intention and resolution only added to its uniqueness and that their journey ended with success, fortitude, craving for a return if possible and pleasantries indescribable by each and every one tells of the magnanimous of the Haj. Peace  and goodwill, pleasanteries and harmony prevail throughout. No anger, no confrontation but friendliness, politeness and resolute respect for one another. That was what we savoured.

Homecoming, besides the expactant of families welcoming you, safety of being at home again however took a side attraction this time. As we had left at the peak of the big flood that hit Kedah and Perlis in early November our attention turned to the home which seriously escaped us when we were away. How much damage has been caused? What need to be attended to?

It was blissful when our worries were swept aside. Any sign of ravages of nature has been cleared. Thanks to our children and friends who knew what to do and affected the necessaries. 

Everyone affected however has to savour the damages and cost and hopefully a return will be avoided in the coming years unless the cause and effects are left in the doldrum and nothing done to correct the shortcomings.

Thankful that we could put that aside immediately and savour the visit of friends and neighbors at home and share with them pleasant memories of the Haj and consignments of dates and likeable delicacies from the holy cities including the zam-zam water which every pilgrims would bring home in  permissable containers.