Thursday, July 29, 2010


pohon buluh dan batu batan (hard and soft scape)

TAK TERFIKIR pula yang bahan-bahan sekeliling boleh diusahakan hingga menjadikan unik dan bernilai tinggi
. Kebetulan semasa kami singgah sebentar di tempat ini banyak yang menarik dan mendorong berfikir mengapa tidak kita sama-sama mengambil usaha yang sama. Buluh dan kayu-kayan hanyut dan terbuang, botol dan sebagainya boleh dijadikan bahan hiasan yang cukup bernilai. Mungkin kita tidak kreatif seperti orang yang menggubahnya, tetapi kita telah mendapat ganjaran dan contoh. Ilham. Renung sepuasnya dan semoga diharap saudara/i boleh melakukan sesuatu hujung minggu ini atau sekurang-kurang menjelang Aidilfitri agar rumah kita menyambut keluarga dengan sesuatu yang berlainan tanpa mengeluarkan perbelanjaan besar disamping melahirkan kreativiti. InsyaAllah.

rumpun ranting dan buluh menghiasi lampu seling (twigs, brunches, bamboo and a ceiling light)

satu sekatan semula jadi( bamboo curtain?)

sudah cukup menahan serangan (bamboo fortress?)

jangan bimbang tak ada hujan cocacola atau 7up (a corridor of tops)

terus dari hutan belantara ( jungle plants fresh from the natural nursery

anak muda ini mengingati sesuatu mungkin ada ilham tersendiri (dream on and come out with something constructive)

sebuah pemukaan meja dari sepohon pokok (solid wooden top for a dining table compliments the scenery)

Perjalanan kita antara Baling dan Jeli sepanjang Lebuhraya Timor - Barat akan berpeluang merentasi Tasik Banding. Disini sudah ada sebuah hotel semenjak beberapa tahun yang lalu. Kini pengurusan baru telah memiliki hotel ini dan wajahnya juga telah bertukar dan menjadikannya satu tempat yang patut kita berhenti sejenak atau lebih baik singgah bermalam agar merasi keindahan alam semula jadi disini. Tidak heranlah 'Royal Belum' berhampirannya akan menjadi satu tarikan pelancongan dalam masa yang akan datang.

( During a recent trip to Kota Bharu we traveled on the East-West Highway stretching from Baling in Kedah to Jeli in Kelantan. It is not a highway where you can see your speedometer moving to a century plus. Otherwise you will be courting real danger and see yourself in the precipice below as the highway cuts the great dividing range stretching north south. Still it's greenery all the way and when traveling in the evening you may be lucky to come across wild elephants crossing the highway. Half way when you feel tired from taking all the curves, you come across a man-made lake and sitting by the foothills is a hotel, now under a new establishment and thankfully has acquired new features. It is a sight for sore back and ache after a long drive. What we saw certainly shows the management skill and expertise to make use of local products abundantly available to beautify the surrounding and its establishment. Sited at the entry point to the treasures of Royal Belum Valley we are sure this will be a focal point for many.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


HOW pleasant and refreshing even to see or hear such a phrase as it conjures happy and delightful tidings in the gripe vines. Today a New Straits Time report talked of a young Malaysian athlete, Nadia a school girl, 14 year old of Bukit Jalil Sports School who exuded confidence far beyond her years and emerging as a bright prospect for Malaysian athletics which currently amidst its gloom and doom. She won 'gold' for the long jump with a 5.86 meter effort, not far from the country's record and 'silver' in the triple jump at the recent Asean Schools athletic competition. Any prospect for the future will offer good tidings.

My thought goes to our daily flushing of disasters, accidents, cheats, dishonoring and unending quarrels and how any calming or 'a breath of fresh air' is a solace. Can you imagine how such a phrase came into being? Simple and yet perfect as anyone of us can easily identify how effective a wave of air, fresh and cool can calm the nerves and relieve all manner of feelings.

A postcard, a letter or even a phone call and now even a 'sms' can calm one's nerves if it is consoling and tender. Perhaps we have lost the touch of bringing that calming feelings into our lives. Fast, busy, competitive, self-centered live styles have in more ways than one have been a contributing factor.

A small gift of a bouquet of flowers, a visit to the hospital to offer speedy recovery to the patient, home visits to see the elders, a plate of home cooked dish to the neighbor's house, slowing down your vehicle to let the walker crossed the road or even to allow a flock of birds to fly across without you hitting them, not throwing rubbish all over the place are expectations we sorely craved for. Are they forthcoming?

At the point of drawing a deep breath one of course could not breathe down someone's neck for otherwise it would take one's breath away. Now wouldn't that breathe life into a corpse? My! My! How exciting when you can play with words and literally be able to eat someone for breakfast? Exciting? Contemplative? Or What?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Session A: Freedom Flotilla - Eye Witness Accounts . Speakers: D.J. Halliday Former Asst Sec General of United Nations, Mrs J. Graham International Activist on board MV Rachel Corrie, Dr Hassan Huseyin Uysal doctor on board MV Mavi Marmara, Mr Ashwad Ismail Astro Awani Broadcast Journalist on board MV Mavi Marmara and Prof. M Chassudowsky Uni of Ottawa. Moderator. Dato Mukhriz Mahathir

THE WEEKEND has been full with insights into different focus besides the normal expectancy. What with the culminating final of the World Cup which of course pulled the die hard or the novice soccer enthusiasts to force their eyelids opened into the wee hours of the morning, shouting dry at any attempt of a scoring at goal, a visitor to Kuala Lumpur in July will never tire of festivities. It's festival month and you will be hard pressed to choose what to see and visit in the city. For that Malaysia is on the top ten countries visited by tourists.Our choice focused to two 'F' that being the 'flotilla' and 'flora'. The former refers to the subject of "Breaking the Siege" an international conference held at Tun Razak Hall I Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur 11 July 2010 organised by Perdana Peace Organization and the other a flower show at Putrajaya.

'Breaking the Siege' brought us to Gaza and Palestine and the story of 'Rachel Corrie' and 'Mavi Marmara' plus their historic heroes who pushed on to Gaza with the hope of bringing salvation and aids to the impoverished people of Gaza but were halted and made to suffer indignation by those who stopped them in international waters. Of course the story has been reported in the media. Here today they were recounted by those that were there: they who endured the attack and were pushed into the Israel jails until they were set free. Eye witness accounts came from five speakers who were on board the freedom flotilla. Representatives from countries who support the cause were there too to give their stories. No it was not only two ships but all seven vessels were seized and escorted to Port of Ashdad in Israel.The flotilla carried more than 700 passengers. All that were meant for the people of Gaza came to naught.Israel military blockade of Gaza has left 1.4 million Palestinians trapped in the Gaza strip, generally depending on humanitarian aids as unemployment, poverty and food price rose. The story of the flotilla making their way to Gaza with much needed aids ended with the seizure of the ships. The world cries foul. The world's majority it seems is helpless to help. Yet right thinking people, people who cares strive on wishing soon justice will prevail.This was perhaps a resounding brief into the Palestinian/Israel conflict which one often sees stone throwing youth fighting 'Goliath' in a non ending script.

Keynote speaker and moderator taking notes of the
session. Seen part of the participants at the conference.

Chairman of Global Peace Organization, wife of the Prime Minister and Tun
Siti Hasmah all at the front with the Deputy Prime Minister. An opportunity like this knocks only once and you are lucky to be round and with your camera. The deputy Prime Minister had officiated at the closing.

Perhaps this quote from a poster at the conference entrance gave a stark reminder.

" If we accept the fact that the Universe was created to uphold justice, we being one of God's creation, should also uphold justice. In fact, upholding justice is one of our responsibilities as a human being"

Malaysia has played its part giving hopes to the people of Gaza, But hope alone is not enough. More has to be done and and the greater might of people all over the world must insist to call upon freedom and justice for the Gaza people. We are sure Gaza's destiny and story will continue to be focused and told till peace and justice comes its way.

We are so fortunate to go forth in ways that we choose. No barrier. No halting or restriction. Yesterday it was all the tremor of the Gaza strip with vivid photos of injustice and cruelty; of blood and tears. Yet the next day nature's beauty personified. Men toiling the soil and greenery expanded flora in all its glory and showcased a beautiful garden for all to admire. Nursery business has caused the countryside and the town-scape to become more attractive and green. In many ways our homes too acquired distinction of beautiful gardens where possible, not only with flowering plants but fruit trees that give substance throughout the year. We visited PWTC one day and the next it was Putrajaya.

We continue to learn each day.

Inspiration from the flora show, saw a durian seedling planted in the compound of the house adding to the rambutan, mangosteen and banana plant already bearing fruits.We do not expect a siege of any kind to come by only a yearly bounty if well nurtured.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Papan tanda ini menyambut kedatangan kami

Podium Royal Chulan memperlihatkan pemandangan yang menarik. Apa pun perbualan antara bekas pelajar bertanya khabar antara satu dengan lain, langsung tidak mendorong mereka untuk menghampiri ruang luar untul meninjau pemandangan Menara Petronas dan sekitarnya.

Pada malam Sabtu 3hb Julai 2010 bekas pelajar kelas 1954 Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid bertemu semula di Royal Chulan salah sebuah hotel di Kuala Lumpur atas usaha dan anjuran Sdr Syed Muhammad bin Syed Hassan Shahabudin. Perjumpaan silatulrahim itu menemukan semula bekas pelajar Kelas 5M dan 5L. Pada tahun 1954 mereka menduduki dua kelas di peringkat Cambridge School Certificate; 5M merupakan kelas 'mathematic'dan 5L 'literature'. Keseluruhannya 79 orang : 37 dari kelas 5M dan 42 orang dari Kelas 5L. Satu kelas memberi tumpuan kepada 'mathematics' dan science; yang satu lagi kepada 'literature'. Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid merupakan sekolah aliran Inggeris di Kedah yang telah diasaskan semenjak 1908.

Ishak Latiff Bekas 'Ketua Pengarah Perancang Bandar' dan Pak Omar seorang 'Planter'

Bekas wakil rakyat

Dalam tempoh lebih lima abad yang berlalu tentu sekali tidak semua pelajar berkesempatan menghadiri diri. Yang bermustatin di Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor mampu menyertainya dan yang tinggal di luar Selangor keberatan juga kecuali keinginan dan kesihatan diri mengizinkan. Maklumlah kami semua yang berkumpul malam itu pun semuanya telah melepasi usia 72 tahun keatas. Walau apa pun sebilangan telah pulang kepada Illahi. Kesempatan itu acar majlis bermula dengan kami menghadiahkan 'AlFatihah' kepada rakan-rakan agar roh mereka dicecuri rahmatNYA. Kelas tahun 1954 juga merupakan kelas 'co-ed' dimana pelajar perempuan seramai empat belas orang turut mengikuti kelas bersama pelajar lelaki dan merupakan satu sejarah bagi Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid. Kumpulan pelajar perempuan yang besar dari Sekolah Perempuan Kg Baru mula berdaftar di Kolej semasa di kelas 7G tahun 1952. Keistimewaan itu nampaknya menjadi ingatan dan perbualan hebat pada malam itu, semua yang hadir merenung kembali persahabatan yang wujud . Maklumlah buat pertama kali kami berada dalam satu kelas bersama kaum hawa.

Tiga pelajar perempuan Hajah Azizah Abass, Hajah Mahayun Hassan dan Tan Gaik Lian turut hadir pada perjumpaan itu dan meyakinkan persahabatan kami terus wujud. Hidangan istimewa ditingkat teratas Hotel Royal Chulan dengan pemandangan malam Bandar Kuala Lumpur dan khususnya Menara Petronas nampaknya tidak sedikit pun mengusik kami dari berbual panjang dan bertukar cerita lama dengan rakan sebaya dan bergambar pula. Antara yang datang khusus dari Alor Setar ialah Saad Endut, Syed Mansor, Hashim Endut, Zainol Abidin, Tan Gaik Lian dan suaminya.

Kami yakin perjumpaan rakan-rakan kelas 1954 akan terus diadakan dan InsyaAllah janji telah diberi agar kami berjumpa lagi selepas bulan puasa ini dan Dato Syed Mansor sudi menjadi tuan rumah pula. Kali ini di Alor Setar.

Ramai diantara kumpulan sebaya itu sebenarnya berkenalan antara satu dengan lain bukan sahaja semasa di darjah sembilan ( tingkatan V sekarang) tetapi sama-sama telah bermula persekolahan semenjak kelas Special Malay 1 atau kelas permulaaan di Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid pada tahun 1948 sebaik sahaja kami meninggalkan sekolah Melayu masing-masing. Intim dan kemesraan yang terjalin terus kekal sehingga hari ini. Semuanya telah berpangkat Pak dan Tok dan tak heranlah Pak Hashim,Pak Non, Pak Omar, Pak Yusof, Pak Taib, Pak Tuan, Pak Zakaria, Pak Latiff, Pak Malik diantara yang hadir pada malam itu.