Sunday, January 31, 2010


The signage already indicates where we are and of course several bowls of mutton soup were quickly dispatched to the table. The island still serves hot piping dishes which has been famous for years. With energy charged we headed to Changi to see several airport terminals which is the hub of the island

Greenery continues into the interior

Views of the passengers' Lounge at Changi new Terminal 3 representing a pleasant designed lay-out

Awesome yet captivating ceiling with reflectors which throw lights onto the open spaced hall

An airport displays some creative works of its talented people. Crafts and artworks may form a distinct introduction to the country's past and future.

These three couples our hosts and my wife amidst the flowery arrangement
that greets visitors and flyers at the airport. Shopping arcades and displays form part of the major attractions at airports all over the world.

A few days back I wrote of inaction at least on my part; the lack luster of January. Now that would not be true when past midnight in the early hours of 30th day of the month with a full moon in the night sky, we were scouting around Singapore two new airports, seeing Terminal 2 and 3 with friends after a highly nourishing bowls of 'Sup Kambing'. Together with Terminal 1 which is under renovation, that section of Changi Singapore now has three main terminals. That would place the city in a very competitive position to steal the airline transport industry in the region. Just look at the photos, you will see that the republic has gone in a big way to welcome as well as provide the best facilities to the passengers and the international airlines that make Singapore their port of call.

A leisurely drive from Putrajaya, minus the normal heavy traffic on the North – South Highway a day earlier saw us arriving at Hj. Ibrahim's house along the Pasir Gudang Highway after a nonstop three hour drive.

It has been several years since we were last in Singapore. A working visit to Putrajaya saw us making way south to Johore Baharu to visit several friends which has long been overdue and naturally saw us crossing the causeway and into the island republic. It happened that the three friends and their wives were Singaporean though they have homes in Johore as well. It was a reciprocal gesture since they have been expecting us to call since their last visit to Titi Gajah in 2008. A planned stay at a hotel has to be abandoned upon insistence from our hosts.

Right now, I am at Hj Ismail's home in the Woodland's suburb. Malaysians of yesteryear may remember Woodlands as a halting place for Malaysian shoppers. Trust me, don't expect it to retain a semblance of its past. Like other parts of Singapore there has been a big change topographically. Ismail's home is like a HBA apartment, giving us the chance to see the much talked Singapore forward building industry especially for its residents. This is a golden opportunity indeed. For once, we observed that space and design do not compromised with aesthetic and profit. The designers have their say and the property owners gained from facilities and amenities thrown in.

This Singapore visit is unlike others that preceded it. No visiting for shopping and direction towards Orchard Road in particular. With help from our Singapore friends we moved to see new growth and development in the City State and learned much from them. Sometimes as you travelled you appreciate what you see and expect such trends are implemented in your own country. You ask and wish some directions are taken for the good of the community. Singapore shows its distinction of caring its habitats; throwing landscaping for the benefits of the people and controlling its rivers and sea frontiers. Many of its rivers have been re engineered, rehabilitated and pleasantly alive with thriving trees and shrubs. Significantly they attract birds to find their homes among the foliage.

Of course, things don't come for free. You have to pay to get what you wished and hoped for. To curtail vehicle movement or traffic, varieties of charges are levied. If you wish to drive, then be ready to pay. Then again we found out, you could still enjoy driving at minimum cost if you used a red-plated Singapore number plate paying a small road tax fee permitting you to use your vehicle from dusk to dawn only.

The island's link with Johore Baharu appears continuous as Singaporean and Malaysians cross each other's borders throughout the twenty-four hours. It is to be hoped that facilities at both check-points of the Johore Singapore Strait would improve with a redesigned crossing facilities, temporarily halted for reasons only the authorities know.

We are privileged to have friends across the Strait and discover their styles and comforts. Their cohesion amongst their colleagues, support for each other and families are a binding traits for all communities irrespective of position or locations; characteristics of human adoration for one another irrespective where you are. This cordial visit is unlike other visitation when you crossed the border.

We would not have discovered this corner of Singapore if we were traveling on ourselves. At Pantai Ris we had time to feel the sea breeze besides cycling along the routes of the theme park

Here amidst mature trees that form part of the landscaping of Pantai Ris a man exercised on his roller skates. Such opened space designed with care and control provides the much needed breathing area

At Marina Bay you will be clicking your shutters because the scenes are there. Here through the designed monument you catch an extraordinary building under construction heralding the very source of Singapore's growth i.e its harbor and shipping.

Rivers and drains are sources of water. A large catchment area in the Singapore Bay forms the up to date reservoir

An HBA home with a garden landscape above the carpark. Some of the apartment owners found time and space to grow a vegetable plot.

It would not be a completed tour if we have not visited the Sultan Mosque. Tourists naturally found this sector of Singapore attractive. The mosque's dome is pictured here plus a band below. We are told when the mosque was being built the populace around the area collected bottles and these formed the band as you see above zoomed with the tele lens. .

Thursday, January 28, 2010


IT seems to be a slow start for the NEW YEAR. At least with my blog update. The innuendos of happenings, tragedies for that matter that cloud the beginning month seems to dampen the spirit; Haiti with its disastrous earthquake leaving thousand dead and untold sufferings and much so in an impoverished nation, Johore especially for the loss of Sultan Iskandar and so too the country for 'King Ghaz' a statesman and politician of Tun Abdul Razak's era who had a colorful life. Befittingly Tun Ghazali Shafie was given a hero's funeral at 'Makam Pahlawan' Masjid Negara KualaLumpur. At the home front, a departure of an auntie also hit the family. The Muslim - Christian issue over 'ALLAH' particularly in the country has caught attention of the government and all wished that it would be closed with maturity and understanding.

January is now coming to its end and in a fortnight the tiger will roar ushering in the Chinese New Year. Already things are looking steadier and hopefully the economic barometer too will show similar trend. We have to speed on and plans have to be made and executed less the months ahead will lack luster. Let's wish for a steadier, fruitful and safer coming months giving us the comforts and desires that we wish for.

Meantime let's share some views of my home town Alor Setar,

Everyone would know that a motor car has four wheels. One would expect the same if asked how many wheels has a train carriage. I guess not many can come out with the correct answer. Simply we don't go near a railway station or a train anymore. A sudden interest to visit the station at Alor Setar revealed that it has been maintained well insuring the aged old charm

This would be the best weekly market in the country.Originally opened for business on Wednesday it now does business thru the week and it has the most modern permanent structure whereas all weekly market runs on temporary structures.

The old original floor at the Alor Setar Railway Station. While stepping into the station like hundred others we seldom realized the colorful floor, its origin and how long it has been there.

This is one favorite Nasi Kandar stall in town. Service in the early morning only and you will get hot piping nasi served with your choice dishes- telor, ayam, udang, sotong etc.

The Railway Station with the long stretch of platform. The station master and staff have done their best to keep it in trim and nostalgic condition.With double tracking on the way, it will not be too long before rail travel becomes the in thing.

Only a few of these railway quarters still stand and housed the railway staff. Building like this would be seen all over the country before but try to find one in larger towns now and you will be lucky to see one. Even the paint works tells you that it is KTM

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


HELP! HELP! HELP! My car has just run out of water for the radiator. A bottle of water would help solve the problem. I have left my phone number on the windscreen. You can contact me when you have returned from the tap.

I am sure many of us have seen this scenario many times but we just pushed it aside because it is of no significance. Yet it is all over the country from Perlis to Sabah; from kampong to Bandaraya.Somehow it seems to record certain meaning attracting people to do the exact thing correctly.

Now what's happened? Can all these cars have possibly run out of petrol or engine oil? Then how come they are all parked near to one another? Come to think of it, whatever items we place on the vehicle's roof would it give a definite meaning and thus get the feedback? I am thankful if readers will share their experience of observing similar situations outside Malaysia.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Pada kesempatan ini , pada hari Jumaat. penghulu semua hari aku ambil ingatan mengucapkan SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN kepada semua yang menyambut harijadi mereka pada hari ini. Khusus kepada anak sulung kami yang mencapai umur untuk beliau bergerak mencapai sesuatu yang dihajati. InsyaAllah kami berharap dapat berkumpul dan bertemu bagi sama-sama meraikannya. Seperti ibubapa lain kesempatan ini sering kita lupa hanya mengingati masa-masa istimewa kelahiran mereka dan saat kita menerima cahaya mata itu sahaja. Sebenarnya mereka telah dewasa dengan melalui pelbagai rintangan dan cabaran. Mereka juga telah mendirikan rumhtangga mereka masing-masing. Kita dengan perjalanan hidup kita. Sebagai permulaan biarlah ini menjadi rangsangan untuk mengingati dan meraikan semua hari istimewa anak-anak kami. Mereka tidak lupa menyambut harijadi kita. Kita sewajarnya juga.

Remembering your " Happy Birthday" do thirty five years ago together with your classmates.