Monday, June 20, 2011



 Getting to know progress of their colleagues and health wise too

A slide show throwing back the earlier periods of our school days. Everyone engrossed at the pictures .

A group photo of all that attended.

June is past its half way and soon July marks the beginning of the second half of the year. A few days back friends must have stayed up in the night to observe the eclipse of the moon, exceptional being a full eclipse. Muslim had special prayers offered in the mosques too earlier in the evening. The month of May also saw Teachers' day celebration and a screening of the Kirkby College documentary by Film Negara plus off course the school holiday and many invitations to wedding ceremonies. That of course put a halt to my writing on this blog. 

Yet besides all that busyness we had planned to arrange for a get together at home. It is wonderful if you could round up old friends of your school days to come together. This being our classmates of the then Cambridge School Certificate of 1954 / 1955 or the fifth formers of modern time. Schooling back in 1954/ 55? That would be 57 and 58 years ago. If they we were 18 years old then they would be seniors of 75 now. Many however were above 18 as the earlier war years had contributed to their late graduation. So the last evening's gathering of thirty odd friends with their wives and children was a pleasant and eventful meeting especially we had them at our home.What can you say but THANK YOU to all who honored us by accepting our invitation and especially to those who traveled from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Perlis to attend the get- together. It would have been wonderful if more could attend. The warm-hearted feelings of knowing that the old classmates still think of one another and look forward to cordial meetings is a source of pride and satisfaction. 

Circumstances of driving themselves in the night over a long distance would be a factor and we understood their apologies for not being able to attend. Still we would like all to keep in contact in the evenings of our lives. Friends that sat for the Cambridge School Certificate and then went on their separate directions of their lives not only knew each other in that year but had lived and played together since they first met upon entering the secondary school i.e College Sultan Abdul Hamid Alor Setar in 1948 upon passing their Standard 1V Malay School. So a friendship that was built over such a period naturally could not be forgotten easily.