Monday, February 27, 2012


                                            Klim Geo Park of Langkawi

                                      Visitors arriving back after the tour

                                              Take your choice of tour

Seen above two photographs which tell the leisurely atmosphere which grips tourists and visitors who visit Langkawi. We were there yesterday and visited the Geo-Park area of the island which pulls in visitors. This part of Langkawi offers the Klim limestone outcrop plus other extraordinary features. Malaysia is recognized by UNESCO for its Geo Park, the one and only at the legendary island since 2006 which retained its status in 2011. Geologically the island is made up of three different rocks: sandstone, limestone and marble. With this recognition we now know that the strong focal point of Langkawi Geo Park is the 550 million year Gunong MatChinchang, Pulau Dayang Bunting and the Klim outcrops with their high composition of marble and limestone. Its international focus placed the island as an important site for scientists, geologists and visitors. Why not since it connects us to prehistoric dating.

You notice the third picture i.e a board that shows the price and characteristics of the area at Klim especially. For the rental of a boat plus its driver you can spent your choice of hours in the locality to observe amongst others the many limestone outcrops especially the KLIM, bat cave, eagle feeding, fish farm, mangroves, the vegetation and enjoy a sea tour.  The RM 200 - RM 400  is for a boat with 8-10 passengers. Happy with the thoughts of engaging oneself with the adventures as specified and thrown back into time frame, we howver reserve another day for the tour. Suffice that we have seen what we wanted.

What assult us as we came back to the jetty and board the ferry for its normal one hour trip to Kuala Perlis was the chaotic norm. This time more pressing as there was a large passenger group returning to the mainland. We wonder whether any high ranking official ever care to visit and gauge the procedure and safety at the jetty and on board the ferry. Must we face a calamity or an uninvited mishap to happen before we start jumping to correct what should have been done now? Where is the tourism, marine,state official,political representative or any one responsible to help and correct the shortcomings as they were? It crossed our mind, whether we would care to walk into the same situation again. Or is it worth coming to the island?

With thousand of visitors arriving and departing  via the ferries bound to Kuah and from Pulau Pinang, Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, Satun (Thailand) one would wish greater crowd and passenger control at the ferry terminals. Facilities need to be upgraded from time to time.We cannot help comparing what are offered at the airports. Why the disparity and short-change? Imagine passengers here have to pay RM 1.00 for the use of an aged trolley at both terminals whereas it's free at the airports. Even supermarket charged 20 sen which is returnable when you checked it at its base. Embarking and disembarking likewise called for patience. On board it is another exercise at looking for your seats and then having to argue with fellow passengers who unwittingly have occupied the seats. It is no surprise to notice that once the ferry has left the dock, passenger are lulled to sleep. Exhausted by the episodes of getting home after a holiday on the legendary  island. Mind you, you may have cramps upon arrival as the leg rooms between seats  are too good for comforts. 
A bicycle was ready to be carried on board. A sailing enthusiast even had his sailing kits plus aluminum poles for carriage on the ferry. ( the box next to the bicycle)

This was the   queue , one by one getting on the gangway up to the ferry. Surely there must be a quicker and faster way for passengers to board and exit. Do we think there is no better way? Passenger boarding the two ferries that berthed side by side added to the congestion.

Imagine if there is an emergency and with more than four hundred passengers on board, adult and children would these luggage and suitcases in your path be of any help? In the first place they shouldn't be here.

It may strike you that this person is being fussy and uncompromising over issues which should be left untouched since it is outside his realm. I believe however this has been our weakness. People do not want to take responsibility. Even those with authority would rather remained aloof and leave things for others. It is an attitude that does not help and allow us to slip down, down and down. Leadership, authority and concerned for society and service have taken a back rest.  Feeling as it is this observation will be directed to the authority concerned with hope that visitors to Langkawi and those excited to discover the GEO PARK, the one and only in South East Asia will continue to make their way to the holiday island of Malaysia.    

Friday, February 24, 2012


Perhaps this is a departure from my normal submission to this blog i.e in respect of the subject matter. As a local newspaper reader, I am assailed by the number of smuggling cases at KLIA alone. Therefore the title as it is. The flights into KLIA are safe and normal but in all probability you may be traveling with a 'drug mule' as a passenger on the same flight. There is luxury in our country and therefore the constant number of 'mules' dropping and halting here. Initial warnings on board as the plane comes to land do not appear to arrest the inflow of smugglers.

 I was attracted late last year to see the success of the KLIA  Custom Director named Datuk M Govindan apprehending the 'mules' as they came in. Almost every day he and his men would be in the news with their successful story. Sadly  early this year he died of a heart attack. He and his men must have burned their midnight candles seeking ways and strategies to apprehend the smugglers from all the world. Now we must be glad to see his deputy Siti Baya Berahan taking over the challenging role and making good at it. A woman custom officer at that.

Feb 12,2012  "70 packets of drugs in His Stomach " -  A Nigerian with drugs in his stomach was held at the airport. Admitted to the Serdang Hospital 35 pellets ( 15 gm) each were removed through excretion.  On the same day and a few hours later, a 24 yr Bangladeshi was held with 6.15 kg of syabu.

Feb 18, 2012 Sepang, "Police nab woman who used her travel agency to smuggle drugs." A 43 yr woman and her Nigerian boyfriend, also her business partner and 8 employees aged 20 - 30 yrs were detained. Her workers as drug mules had succeeded in smuggling drugs a total of 25 times over the last 4 months, estimate  75 kg of drugs worth RM18.7 million. The local traveling agency had used the privilege 'green' lane for the local travel agencies people.

Earlier Malaysian Custom had given flights from Phnom Penh, Sien Reap, Manila, Bangladesh, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mozambique and Singapore as precautions for close surveillance. It seems now all flights into KLIA are subject to risk of invasion by the 'mules'.

The above episode highlights the danger we face in our country. The drugs come in and they go not into the drain but the  'pipelines' that spread throughout the country. We cannot leave it to the agencies concerned only to halt. We need to wake up. Too long we have been lulled and allowed the country an entity to business persons who gained and destroy our community because of their greed. The closing of visas to youth on pretext of studying in the country is long overdue but the inflow of illegal immigrants is another headache to be cleared. If only politic can halt their obsession and instead look at the calamity in the country then we can be assured of 'peace' and 'safety'.  For the moment our hats off to those guarding the frontiers.   

If there is a choice of priority and advancement what would you prefer? Strong economy, freedom of speech or whatever that are offered now or free from drugs and a sane community?

A pix in the local newspaper recently shocked the people. Hundreds of motor car and lorry engines cannibalized were found at a site. Why do such grand theft occur? One answer would sure be for the luxury of purchase. Drugs for sure require cash and what sure way of getting them! In the kampong ayam , itek, motor cycles etc become victims. Snatching, car breakages are reported every day.

For sure there is a sure need for awakening!     

                                                Your car engines could be here too!

Monday, February 6, 2012


TAHUN LALU sempena negara menyambut 12 Rabiulawal 1432, kami berkesempatan singgah di R&R Bukit Gantang semasa perjalanan pulang dari Kuala Lumpur. Kebetulan pihak pengurusan R&R itu bersama peniaga gerai sedang mengadakan majlis menyambut hari yang bersejarah dan kami duduk bersama menikmati hidangan rohani dan jasmani.

Tahun ini pada 12 Rabiulawal 1433, kami diberi peluang meraikan 'Maulidur Rasul' di rumah sendiri bersama keluarga, jiran dan kenalan. Kepulangan ayahnda yang dikasih untuk bertemu denganNYA hampir dua minggu lalu, menambahkan lagi hasrat untuk meraikan hari keramat tersebut. 

Majlis kelmarin bermula 10.30 pagi dengan ceramah atau tazkirah oleh Ustaz Rodzi, kebetulan pemimpin kumpulan jemaah Haji kami 1431/2010. Sesuai dengan Hari Agung Junjungan kita Muhammad SAW, beliau menyampaikan latar, panduan dan nasihat berguna untuk semua. Beliau yang menguruskan sekolah tahfiz turut membawa pelajar-pelajarnya ke majlis itu. Susulan ceramah itu, berlansung 'Marhaban dan Berzanji' yang turut menghidupkan sausana pagi. Pada pagi yang mulia dengan kehadiran para tetamu yang menyambut jemputan kami dan kejayaan majlis memperdengarkan bisikan agar majlis seperti ini dilangsungkan pada kali yang lain kerana berjaya menjalinkan silaratulrahim dan manfaat. InsyaAllah.

Majlis meraikan hari keputeraan junjungan kita Muhammad SAW di sambut seluruh negara dan 12 Rabiulawal diiystiharkan sebagai cuti awam seluruh negara. Sambutan kami merupakan kecilan bersama masyarakat Titi Gajah demi menjunjung hari yang teristimewa ini.

Mohon maaf kepada rakan dan bloggers yang berada jauh dari kampong Titi Gajah kerana tidak dijemputkan bersama. Hasratnya ada InsyaAllah kalau dipanjangkan usia boleh kita bertemu lain kali.


Sdr Ustaz Rodi menyampaikan tazkirah
    Pak Lang dan kawan-kawannya menjayakan majlis dengan Marhaban dan Berzanji

       Hj Megat Mohd Nasir menyampaikan bunga rampai kepada tetamu

           Kaum bapa dan ibu turut sama memperdengarkan suara mereka

Nampaknya ada yang berdiri di ruang pintu hadapan rumah. Sungguh membanggakan dengan kehadiran tetamu yang menyambut jemputan

Majlis diakhiri dengan jemputan dihidangankan sarapan tenghari

Makan berselerak seperti ini berselera lagi

'Ais Kacang' menjadi hidangan kegemaran untuk semua nampaknya

Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua yang melapangkan masa untuk hadir walaupun kami percaya ada majlis-majlis lain yang serupa. Kesempatan tinggal diluar bandar mengizinkan hubungan seperti ini wujud dan kekal. 

'Menarik dan kagum kita kepada mereka yang terus menghidupkan kumpulan marhaban dan berzanji, lebih manfaat sekiranya kita juga mengenali cerita dan latar tersirat dengan tepat dan mendekati diri menjadi antara ahli kumpulan itu pula.'