Sunday, April 27, 2014


When people are troubled by shortage of water, complaining having to cart buckets and of course not having the leisure and comfort of washing as often and with all luxury, here in the northern states especially Kedah and Perlis, the rain that came in early April 2014 offered relief as well as abundant delights in the form of the 'mango' families.  HARUM MANIS especially from Perlis now offer its best quality but with a high price. Yet it is a sure buy.

The tall tree you see in the above picture is by the side of our home. It too has fruits galore. No it is not 'Harum Manis' or any other mango kind but of the same family and known as 'Quinin'. In the last few days I have been stretching my neck and arms to bring down the fruits. Judging by the roof of the neighbour's house you will realize that the old tree is no less than a three storey high building. If the fruits are not taken after they have just ripen then they will drop to the ground and unlike the durian they will break easily. Therefore a contraption of a kind has to be designed less  we receive fruits with dented or broken skins.

At first I thought maybe I could take a good aim and bring each one of them with a good shot from my gun. That would be a good practice of marksmanship. Then the price of each bullet does not meet the cost of the fruits themselves. So it has to be a strong, tall bamboo pole. The one you see leaning on the branch of the third picture.   

Certainly you do not take 'Quinin' as you would 'harum manis' or any other mangoes but try eating it when blended with 'sambal belacan' with your plate of rice and curry you will then realize its perfection.  Sorry to have wet your appetite. 

 Well here they are ready on the kitchen table for the speciality that comes with the unique taste and smell of this fruit.