Thursday, January 9, 2014


Spring time brings colour to the temperate countries while winter puts everything white. Two other seasons have reasons for the populace to enjoy the sunny sides of things.

However in Kedah and Perlis especially we have two distinct seasons ... the dry and the wet. Significantly the stormy sides of Kelantan and Trengganu especially late in the year signifies that the dry season in our states is fast approaching, It may come sooner or a bit later.

However January 2014 has already given a sign that the dry season has already touched us. Therefore expect, dry, cool wind to blow from the east with no rain forthcoming. The firemen will be kept busy putting out grass fires. Plants would require good watering etc , etc  ....

This picture heralds the entry of the dry season in Kedah. Many other flowering trees and plants will follow casting their blooms soon. 

Significantly we greet the 14th and 19th of January 2014 with Maulidur Rasul and the Birthday of The Sultan of Kedah.

Hoping that it will be a blissful year as bright as the colourful scene of this wayside tree along the Alor Setar - Bukit kayu Hitam Highway  .......  07/01/2014