Wednesday, October 31, 2012


In the last few days, it seems the camera likes to choose scenes that are lighted. The following photos justifies that order. It seems to even go across the waters . One day it was at Putrajaya and the next at Benoa Bali , an area just like Pantai Chenang in Langkawi but  having a life of its own.

Monday, October 22, 2012


YOU MAY RECOLLECT STORIES ABOUT THE KAMPONG IN PENANG. It was in the news several years ago involving the residents, Penang state government and all concerned especially the political parties and individuals. Not leaving behind the Police and  Rela who were called to provide security when things got out of hand. With all the hula -valu however  it died a quiet death soon after. 

The episode for its glorification and confrontation also came to be labelled as "The High Chaparral" for its Indian and the cowherds settlement. You could easily refer to the story and its ending or settlement if any by clicking the button of your computer.

Strangely another similar story seems to repeat itself in Penang when a small piece of land along Burma Road hit the headline when it is being sold for almost RM 30 Million with a demand for payment to be cleared in thirty days.

How will the second episode end? Let's wait.

However let me disclose what has transpired with the "High Chaparral " case.

 What was a cowherd village in the quiet suburb in Glugor and adjacent to the Royal Malaysian Custom quarters now stands the high rise apartment buildings you see in the picture. I took the picture early one Friday morning, noticing that the apartments have not been occupied yet though all seems ready even with an extensive parking sections. 

Now one wonders what has happened to the original claimants to the land? Do they get even a chance to enter the gates much less walk into the apartments? Have their lawyers succeeded to fight their case to the end? Where were the so called champions? Sadly such stories get repeated. With luck it hits the headline. More often than not it lies in the shadows unknown and manipulated leaving the victims poorer in all forms. Land and property issues grabbed the media quite often. 

Taken much earlier in the morning with the high rise Royal Custom quarters in the foreground. The parking section of the 'High Chaparral' is seen lighted up.

The picture showing one of the houses at the village being demolished much to the regret and disappointment to the owners.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Rage of An Elephant

One moment it is serenity. You are perplexed by sights and sound you discover around you. You are compensated by the greenery and verdant jungle plus the watery expansion of the man- made lake all around Banding in Perak. Travelers on the East-West Highway straddling the Titiwangsa Range get this reward as they move either eastwards or westwards connecting towns like Penang, Kulim, Baling, Gerik and Kota Bharu, Rantau Panjang, Jeli etc.

 This is one view of the area. Notice the car which is traveling eastwards that has just descended the mountain route seen as the white patch at the top right hand corner. The lake presented itself as you reached this point if approached from the west coast or the town of Grik.

After crossing two bridges you will notice this large board declaring that you are in 'Taman Negeri Royal Belum'. Let's stop and see what's around here. We notice another white signage board standing just below it, a project indicator likely. In all probability something is coming up around here. Yet it is still empty. No indication yet. Nevertheless a project office is already on site with several vehicles around. Notice also a tall yellow building on the right with potholes on its sides. A strange building to be standing at this part of the world. Yet this is once a hot bad of communist insurgencies being in the heart of Malaysia's jungle. Referred as 'kubu' it would be the safe home or 'fortress' for the security personnel guarding the area during the previous emergency years. Yet sadly we have forgotten how this stretch of highway now was a battle ground for our security forces and the bandits not too distance back. It now served as office cum storage for departments in the area.

Well , we were here to attend a site meeting for a project at the Royal Belum. The meeting proceeded only after we discovered what had happened the previous evening. Notice the pictures below.       

Now it seems the new site office was probably disliked by our friend the elephants that rampaged the building and the toilet built by the contractor. Wild elephants are seen around Tasik Banding area  but obviously the herd ( not knowing how many they were, but surely more than one) did not take well to the lights that were put up at the two buildings. So they decided to rip them off.

We have been on the highway many times crossing the main range from west to east vis-versa and only once saw a wild elephant on the highway. However this reported case would definitely alert us to be more careful and wide opened for them as they may take to the highway as developments moved into the forested area. One should also be warned what NOT to do when coming upon them.

Hopefully we will continue to enjoy the verdant Tasik Banding and its surroundings as we will be in the area in the next few months. Anak Arshad Architect begins a project under NCIA ( Northern Corridor Implementation Authority) here.

Before other things begin, it looks like the contractor has a repair job at hand.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

We Learn New Things

Naturally if we are curious or ready to attempt new things, we will of course learn new things, discovering things that we never knew before. All helping to make us wiser. That goes without saying we have to keep awake and open our eyes to things around. It is a dictum known for a long time but as time multiplies and we grow in age, learning comes in slow steps I guess. We miss the experience of doing it ourselves, Yes practically be with it. Anyhow even seeing things do help.

For example when at Perth Australia recently we saw people having the time of their lives, moving with the wind and being carried above the water and in the air. yes they were para- gliding. A hobby that could be attempted by the steady at hearts and the robust I guess. No way for us seniors to even touch the rope or attempt to skim over the water. No doubt it has been a hobby or game favoured by many now like many other challenging attractions..

2.0 Nothing strange about the picture below. However do you notice anything beside the bench without any person on it? Well the cars are parked in their bays on the left side of the road as this is a one way route and cars in Australia like in Malaysia are right hand driven. Notice the spaces between the parked cars. Yes , given at least four feet fore and back for easy maneuvering and a sigh of relief for all. I wonder why this is available? But not at home. Is it because our country is smaller than the Australian continent and therefore the thrift. Not that the cars in Australia are of  different sizes too.  

3.0   Talking about attempting or challenging new things? Below you see the frame works of a building coming into form.By the end of the month a new restaurant aptly named "Restoran TT Gajah" would see it opening its services to the public. One characteristic would be the five Royal Palms sprouting themselves through the roofs. Below my wife the architect having a close look at the design of the walls of the kitchen. So this will be another prospect to look forward too and helping to offer service to the community in terms of placement as well serving dishes the customers would choose besides a choice of place.

3.0 It also see us going purchasing for the necessaries and with luck we came upon a shop in Penang which as its sign indicate the ready availability of most items.

Monday, October 1, 2012


SEPTEMBER 2012 has been a memorable month. What with us ushering my wife's birthday and me accidentally falling into a drain at home because of an opened drain cover and hurting my left foot with the toe-nail torn off. Hurting? It was a reminder from the doctor who reminded what victims felt when Japanese soldiers pulled out the nails from them that reminded me how it hurts. This was when he was attending to me at the clinic. Syukur all is well now, only expecting the nail to take its place again.

 Observe the sitting of the guests and the row of 'hantaran' trays by the side with the Imam ( Juru Nikah) in front.

1.0 This weekend has kept us busy with 'khenduri' to attend when in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. On Friday afternoon 28 September we found ourselves at Masjid Besi Putrajaya together with the entourage from both the bride and bridegroom's sides for the 'akad nikah'. The majlis held after Asar Prayer was conducted by the Imam in the great hall of the mosque. Incidentally another similar function was taking place at the other corner of the mosque. The august and splendid Masjid Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin would naturally pulled many to hold their auspicious lifetime occasion here.The Imam's personal touch and clarity helped in a big way. A close colleague  Hashim A R returned from Canberra to attend his niece's wedding day and we were there too.      

  Another view of the entourage at the Mosque Hall

  Above two of the 'hantaran' for the bride as prepared by the bridegroom and his family


"Bila kita dah selalu ke Majlis seperti ini, kita tertarik juga dengan segala urusan dan persedian yang diatur baik bagi pihak lelaki atau perempuan. Mungkin ada sesuatu yang membantu dan membolehkan majlis-majlis seperti ini berjalan dengan lebih lancar dan sempurna pada masa akan datang dimana kita sendiri diminta membantu atau menguruskannya. Melihat kepada dua gambar utama diatas nyata majlis itu berjalan dengan teratur dan sempurna. Boleh dikatakan ramai yang turut hadir dan bermanfaat dengan keseluruhan majlis termasuk hujah-hujah yang disampaikan oleh Tuan Imam. Kita juga tertumpu perhatian kepada 'hantaran' yang dibawa oleh pengantin lelaki. Seperti lazimnya kemas, berhias indah dan menarik mata memandang. Pada kebiasaannya masa dan kos dibelanjakan untuk persedian ini. Apa pun saya tertarik kepada upacara 'akad nikah' yang nampaknya tidak diberi perhatian khusus. Samada ia diadakan di Masjid, Dewan atau rumah, majlis ini terus dengan keserdahanaannya . Tidak dengan sesuatu kerapian. Tetamu mengambil tempat duduk tanpa susunan; kecuali Imam dan Saksi, Pengantin dan wakil. Mungkin lebih baik jika ada susunan dan kerapian agar Majlis seperti ini akan lebih  kemas dan lebih-lebih lagi apa yang akan dibicarakan oleh Imam dapat perhatian SEMUA. Dewan Masjid tadi luas. Bagaimana pula jika majlis seperti ini diadakan di ruang yang sempit tanpa susunan tertentu?.Dengan persedian lain yang telah disusun rapi, termasuk apabila ' wedding planner' pula diguna adalah menjadi harapan susunan dimajlis UTAMA ini juga diberi perhatian sewajarnya.  Pokoknya ialah yang terpenting sekali."

 2.0 Dato Baharuddin Marji and Datin Home Gathering                     

On 29 September we had the pleasure of attending a get together at Dato Bahruddin's house at Petaling Jaya. Both of them had invited friends to their home for a belated birthday do. Friends especially Kirby colleagues were there.

3.0 Families at home in Putrajaya for another khenduri in the evening 29 September 2012

Time for 'satay' at the famous Kajang outlet