Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Our return flight from Palembang Sumatra one fine day took us through Putrajaya and I had the great opportunity to capture this scene. It has always intrigued me to find what's up and around that large round-about that always take you on a spin just to get to the ministries aside it.

(Pokok Bunga Tanjung, Kenanga dan lain-lain wangian menyambut tetamu di Taman Perdana Putra)

Various scented trees the likes of 'Bunga Tanjung and Kenanga lined the paths around the garden welcoming the visitors

(Burung Murai dan Terkukuk nampaknya banyak mendiami disini)

So peaceful and safe that birds especially 'burung murai' seems to enjoy the quiet solitude plus the water sprays that come each day to keep the grass green and exclusive.

(Ada papan tanda besar tetapi tidak pula yang memberi petunjuk kepada pelawat dimana dan apa yang harus mereka lawati)

Directional poster what to see and where to go at Putrajaya is sadly missing. Visitors are at a loss once they landed at Dataran Putra near the Putrajaya Mosque. Public transportation too is a far cry from being easily accessible.

(Di Taman Putra Perdana banyak bunga-bunga asli menghiasi lamannya. Pokok bunga seperti ini ( SERKAP) biasanya menjadi kegemaran orang tua-tua kita sebelum orkid dan tanaman lain mencerubuhi laman rumah kita).

Sadly this familiar flowering shrub or foliage and its like have disappeared from the kampong scenes replaced by orchids and others. Fortunate they are still preserved for posterity

( Pandangan di dataran menghala ke satu-satunya hotel yang terletak di Putrajaya; tentu sekali laman ini bermandi cahaya pada waktu malam)

Great pathways to the monument at the other end. Here it looks towards the sole hotel in Putrajaya

(Satu lagi pemandangan dari atas bukit kecil. Jelas kelihatan jambatan indah menyeberangi tasik dekat Masjid Putrajaya.)

Another fine view from atop the hill. Here looking towards a bridge across the lake near the Putrajaya Mosque

(Satu lagi pemandangan . Yang ini mempamirkan jambatan, lebuhraya dan perumahan di Putrajaya. Kehijauan terus kekal.)

Another scenic view and this time looking towards the Putrajaya housing, bridge and highway and not surely missing the greenery.

(Pejabat Perdana Menteri jelas kelihatan. Kubahnya selaras dengan yang terdapat di Masjid Zahir Alor Star. Tak usah risau pagi ini banyak kerusi kosong.)

The onion shaped dome of the Prime Minister's office is seen at ground level here. The dome is characteristic of one at the Zahir Mosque at Alor Star. There are many empty seats today.

(Banyak binaan yang boleh menjadi sampel sekiranya kita ingin mencantkkan halaman rumah masing-masing. Pondok rihat ini dihiasi begitu menarik sekali)

A pargola or rest area, such design can be adopted to your home if you so desire. On rounds like this you can pick up many ideas,

TODAY I decided to make a brief tour of the capital city while my wife attended to some scheduled business. Each time we were at Putrajaya we circled the round-about before exiting into the intended 'parcels' either C,D, E etc on the left where the various ministries are located. The Putrajaya round-about could perhaps be the largest in the world though no one has yet claim the rightful championship. Strangely or by design you would never think it is one for its sheer turning circle. This time, it meant keeping to the right and entering the path leading to 'Istana Melawati', Hotel Shangrila' and 'Taman Perdana Putra' instead. I marveled at what greeted me. For all these years, since the capital city was first opened I never knew or ever being told of the splendor that could be unfolded when you are at the summit of the round-about.

You too have not taken the path up the hill? Then come and share with me the views and the natural setting awaiting you or any other visitor to this small enclave next to the various ministries and including the Prime Minister's office with its characteristic 'onion-shaped' dome. Pictures surely can speak louder than words.

At the time, I was in the garden setting, the gardeners and caretakers must be having their rest period. They could not be more relaxed in such settings, and no wonder some were on their hand phones chatting away. I was told over thirty persons, all from Bangladesh were tasked at keeping the grounds and the built-up areas in good order. I am told the place is visited during weekends and holidays while wedding entourage often come to capture their splendid moments in prints and movies amidst the natural settings. Round about 11.00 am I could be the only person walking around. I dare to agree that excepting Putrajaya residents hardly others realized the natural garden setting and wide open spaces there. Having captured the scenes on my Nikon some with its telephoto lens, I moved to ground level focused next to other objects.

(Satu lagi pemandangan pejabat Perdana Menteri. Kali ini dari sudut yang biasa di perhatikan oleh pelawat-pelawat semasa di Dataran Perdana dekat Masjid Putrajaya. Hanya nampak satu tambahan. Ada pancutan air di depannya.)

Another view of the prime Minister's office as normally seen by the large number of visitors at the Putrajaya Mosque concourse.

(Banyak sekali tiang-tiang lampu dengan pencahayaan di Putrajaya. Sentuhan pokok-pokok hijau menjadikan keseluruhan Putrajaya sebuah taman besar. Itulah keindahannya antara yang dinikmati. Tapi siapa pula menggalakkanya?)

Lamp posts galore. That's what you observe at Putrajaya. Various ferns and greens added to the colors and dynamism of this capital centre. Truly it is one large garden. But do we show that to our visitors?

(Akan ada satu lagi masjid di Putrajaya. Boleh siap untuk Ramadan tahun ini?)

Reflecting its dimension in the lake nearby. This is another mosque in the making.

(Kementeraian Pertanian dan Asas Tani. Tapi bangunannya tidak nampak melambangkan ciri-ciri pertanian)

Ministry of Agriculture but the building in no way dedicates its identity; huge and large yes.

Antara beberapa jambatan di Putrajaya. Satunya belum siap. Apa pun struktur seperti ini menjadi bahan tarikan dan pemandu pelancongan harus menarik pelancong ke sini.
Scenic bridges and structures like these should be a source of attraction to the tourists

A couple with the wife carrying a small child approached me "Excuse me what else can we see and visit around here?" They were tourists from India and had been deposited at Putrajaya Mosque by the taxi driver who ferried them from the railway terminal nearby and mentioning this was the only place to see at Putrajaya. Imagine such consoling service from those in the tourism industry. I had just discovered some of the treasures of Putrajaya and imagine my dismay when visitors got told off. Yet it could be true. Tourism counters and services as far as I know hardly exist here. Thousands flocked around the mosque concourse, mostly dropped by excursion buses. For most that's all they saw of Putrajaya. They carry homes their pix with the prime minister's building or the mosque as the background . Even if the couples could move on they could be hard put to hail a taxi or other transportation; hardly available. Neither have I seen a large billboard exposing the sights of the city, surely a bonus to visitors. A stark contrast what's available at Kuala Lumpur. Enough of such cautionary tips. Let's continue with our photo tour.

No gondola for him just a piece of plank and a friend at the top to grasp the rope if it needs be

( Gambar ini tidak perlu penjelasan. Bahayanya ada dan tidak sepatutnya berlaku di ibu kota dan pusat pentadbiran negara.)

Danger and risky against all order of safety. Do we allow it to happen here?

(Gambar terakhir menunjukkan keistimewaan di Putrajaya. Sibuk dan tiada tempat meletak kereta langsung. Nampaknya kalau ke sini harus dipandu orang, tetapi perhatian nampaknya bukan kearah mengatasi kekurangan ini tetapi menghiasi lagi apa yang sudah cantik dan indah.)

How we wish the money is spent to solve the parking problem at the Ministries rather than upgrading areas that are already classy.

No doubt there are many exciting things available at the capital city while there are others missing too especially in support of the tourism industry. Maybe the sophistication and much financial support for its development escape the humble personal approaches and care for the fellow men. Every time I hit the city I am puzzled why with all the open spaces available, there are so many vehicles parked in no incoherent order along the streets near the ministries designated with no parking signs and red cones. Couldn't this be solved in extra fast time? Parking attendants cum security checking and moving cones for parking spaces will never solve the issue. I thought cones were for clowns only. Here they dot the streets distinguishing only disorder and chaos.

Less we knock off feeling despondent because of the shortcomings above let's be enlightened by some other pointers that show three other good points that lifted my spirit for the day. They represent a theme like 'swinging in the air'

Sunday, June 21, 2009


An old black and white photo of my elder cousins of Taiping Perak. Cousin Hj Baharum is on the left. His two younger brothers have passed away. Surely they would be remembered by their own children.

Yet another old black and white photo of three other cousins. They were from Alor Star. Hj Abul As Ismail on the left survives while his two elder brothers have passed away too. Yet I am sure they will be remembered by their kins and sons and daughters especially on this special day. How lucky we are if we manage to keep photos such as above or when people decide that they should have something to remember by. Come to think of it how many brothers or sisters now ever enter the photo studio to record photos as above. The camaraderie seems to bind the family.

SUNDAY 21 JUNE 2009, being the third Sunday of the month is recognized as that special day. Fathers all over the world have a day accorded to them, just like Mothers, Teachers, Arm Forces, Gawai and whatever that marked the calendar and celebrated or honored in their best traditions. Exceptionally this year Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak the Prime Minister of Malaysia also decided not to let the day fly away without having has say regarding his own father and fathers generally. See 1 Malaysia.

A father, a grand- father or a great- grand- father in that order of hierarchy may all be alive on this special day. One is connected to his sons or daughters, while the other has his sons/daughters and his grand-sons/ grand- daughters while of course the patriarch has much stronger retinues to honor, respect and adore him. So Father's Day respectfully remember the man in the family. But how do we recognize them?

Those of us who have their fathers alongside them, either living together or a short distance or far away must be fortunate at the least while many may only have memories of them. Generally the father's role is never seen as more important as the mother's. Besides being the male gender you would not bake a special cake for him nor garland him with flowers. Father's strict, uncompromising attitude most time may not line him as the favorite. But he deserved that special honor for you being what you are now.

I would not be what I am if not for the persistence and uncompromising attitude of my father regarding schooling. He gave me education and focus for my later career. I inherited some if not most of his characteristics. Sadly he passed away when I was in my late teens. Yet all that I knew about him remained vivid as ours was a small family. But for those who stay away from their fathers due to mobility and circumstances of present day living, attempts must be made to know them: their whims and fancies, their friends or colleagues, their interests and dislikes, their early courtship with their devoted wives and many other intimate chapters if possible. Fathers at whatever stage would not like to see their off-springs go through period of difficulties. You must realize they would assist you where possible. Sometimes it may not come directly from him but through the gentle hands of his female partner. Just give a thought how he has funded you or lend a hand at settling some of your financial shortcomings. He has also become your guarantor to the point of putting himself in the noose if you fail to service your loans..Fathers gave you away at the marriage ceremony if you are a woman. Fathers planned your wedding, invited guests and joined in the happy occasion when you too take partners for life. He gave you shelter until you are ready to leave home and yet continue to provide so whenever you 'balikkampong' not alone with your breeds. He gave security very much earlier. Fathers keep early photos of you when you were young. That's their adoration. But do you keep photos of them when you are older? Fathers gave you 'pocket money' or tea money for your daily canteen food at the school. Do you likewise offer a return from your monthly salary? Fathers took you on visits and tours during the school holidays. Do you likewise shove a ticket for him to fly to some nearby destinations? Take the Raya do, do you come home with new pieces of shirts or completely new attire for him. More often than not you brought home a battalion of young soldiers to set the battle field asunder.

We view 'Father's Day' in a way known to us. The deeper you know about them, the more admirable and comfortable you would become. To him, his father and others I would offer 'AlFatihah' in memory of their past.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


( saying that each container may have different contents) and so in simple term each person has his own interest or inclination. Wondering around the countryside you will see many features. Among them people's focus on their housing. Some go for the expansive and the very modern while others just could not get far from the old traditions. Of course the old world charm is
fast dwindling and disappearing but for the consciousness of some people who find their beauty all capturing and thus preservation become their characteristic trait. Langkawi is one zone where this dominating interest is alive and you will meet persons going out of their way to keep alive the artistic and architectural beauty of our traditional homes.

In earlier time this home would have seen a family being brought up with all shortcomings and difficulties. Yet many have passed this way and climbed even the ladder of success. Now with added convenience and good paint work it represents Malaysia's once prestigious home.

You have seen this building before in bright sunlight. Here it is caught in the twilight.

Now in Langkawi but it came from Tanah Besar. It meant dismantling and building again but for the love of it , it is done and now standing proud on the lagendary island

You may find such buildings around still but more often than not discarded and left to the ravages of nature.Here it is utilised and earning for the owner a good daily sum as guests would love to experience living in one.

Nestled by the 'menerong' glades, the simple pavilion gives a aura of its own and foursome could enjoy the evening tea here.

Do scout around and have your camera ready. You will come across some charming homes as I have and in good location too .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mudah sahaja sediakan pokok kelapa, rumput, kolam renang dan pondok lama ditambah dengan kerusi dan payong untuk bersantai. Semuanya kelihatan indah dan teratur. Apa pun pengelolaan dan kerjasama semua pihak perlu ada untuk keindahan dan kesempurnaan.

Cuti sekolah bulan Jun telah berlalu. Kini anak-anak muda khususnya telah pulang ke bangku sekolah masing-masing menghadapi pelbagai ilmu yang bakal disampaikan oleh guru mereka.

Yang mampu dan berkesempatan menghabiskan masa cuti melawat tempat-tempat diluar daerah masing-masing. Kota bersejarah, bandar budaya, taman hiburan dan pantai indah menjadi tumpuan. Ibubapa turut menyertai rombongan kekeluargaan dan alangkah indahnya melihat kegembiraan terjalin pada masa-masa seperti ini.

Tentu sekali ramai yang tidak melepaskan peluang untuk balik kampong melawat ibu-bapa atau datuk nenek mereka. Hubungan ini terus menjalinkan keakraban keluarga. 'Balik kampong' merupkan satu istilah yang merangkumi pelbagai keindahan dan makna. 'Balik kampong' menyaksikan berduyun-duyun kenderaan mengisi lebuhraya kita menuju arah utara atau selatan apabila warga kota meninggalkan kediaman mereka buat sementara. Keluar dari lingkungan kesibukan, hingar bingar kotaraya atau metropolis buat seketika adalah satu keistimewaan yang dinanti-nantikan. Malah banyak pula kebaikan dan ganjaran yang terdapat semasa mereka tiba di kampong halaman masing-masing.

Budaya kita tidak pula bererti membuat tempahan atau memaklumkan lebih awal kunjungan anak-anak serta cucu-cucu atau saudara mara. Lompat saja ke dalam kenderaan masing-masing, jenguk dan hadirkan diri, malah semuanya disambut dengan penuh kemesraan. Lebih ramai lebih seronok. Soal dimana hendak baring, apa hendak dijamu itu semua tidak timbul. Ia dengan sendirinya akan diatasi oleh penghuni-penghuni yang baru tiba. Peluk cium dan kemesraan yang amat diutamakan.

Dalam kesempatan yang diberikan untuk menerima kunjungan anak-anak dan cucu-cucu baru-baru ini kami merasakan ada sesuatu yang kehilangan dewasa ini. Entahlah mungkin masa telah berlalu dan kita orang lama masih teringat pada zaman terdahulu dan membayangkan anak-anak muda sekarang harus menjejak langkah menikmati apa yang kita telah lalui dahulu. Lagi pun kita cukup puashati dengan segala yang diceburi dahulu. Tapi tidak. Mereka dengan gaya mereka sendiri.

'Balik kampong' bererti bermain di sawah, mandi diperigi, berlari-lari di bawah rumah, memanjat pokok buah-buahan dan membersih halam rumah serta membakar sampah di waktu petang. Banyak lagi yang dilalui: tangkap ikan kah'rin, cari buluh buat pistol, main layang-layang, baling kotak dan tak terlupa main 'acilut'. Pokok 'cerai', pokok pinang, pokok mempelam semuanya menjadi sasaran. Malah kadangkala terpaksa berkejar dua tiga ekor kambing peliharaan untuk dibawa balik dan 'diasapkan' kerana kesejukan. Pagi dan petang dipenuhi dengan pelbagai pengalaman.

Kami merasakan anak-anak muda dan khususnya cucu-cucu kini melepaskan keistimewaan itu. Mereka tidak tergerak untuk mencoba keunikan bermain di luar rumah. Mereka tidak mahu menghidu udara bersih, tidak mahu bergolomiang dengan tanah dan selut dan apatah lagi berpeluk-peluk dengan anak kambing.

Cukup dengan menonton TV dan 'astro' khususnya. Sudah puas jika menekan putang-butang di telefon bimbit dan alat-alat permainan elektronik yang lain. Itulah nampaknya dunia mereka. Mungkin kita salah memikirkan kerugian mereka berasakan pengalaman kita.

Kita rajin juga berbaca.Baik 'komik' atau majalah dan kerap juga buku-buku cerita. Masa cuti adalah masa terbaik menghiburkan diri dengan nobel dari penulis terkenal. Itu pun nampaknya tidak menjadi kegemaran mereka,Tak hairanlah kalau dikatakan masyarakat kini hanya sekadar membaca surat khabar sahaja.

Kecergasan, penelitian dan kegemaran semua itu membawa kepada sikap kerajinan. Dayausaha membantu, menolong ibubapa, adik-adik dalam kerja-kerja rumah pun nampak berkurangan. Mungkin dengan adanya pembantu rumah mereka telah terlupa dengan tugas-tugas asas. Sedih dan terpingga memikirkan mengapa anak-anak muda kehilangan daya membantu dan melihat semuanya teratur dan kemas baik di rumah sendiri atau di mana sahaja. Teringat saya semasa muda-muda, kalau di rumah orang, alangkah cermat dan mahu melakukan yang terbaik. Contohnya tempat tidur dikemas sebaik mungkin selepas bangun. Jendela di kamar di buka bagi udara bersih masuk. Halaman rumah turut dicuci. Rasa tanggungjawab agar mendalam. Bukankah itu merupakan satu balasan kepada keistimewaan yang dinikmati?

Celoteh orang tua, kadar mengingatkan cucu-cucu dan khususnya anak dan menantu agar memberi perhatian kepada hal ini agar kepulangan ke kampong sentiasa mendatangkan satu pengalaman membina disamping memupuk semangat bekerjasama diantara keluarga. Ingatlah kalau satu squad askar berkemah di rumah banyak yang dilalui. Kita tidak risau kumpulan askar kerana mereka terlatih dan tahu apa yang sepatutnya dilakukan. Tapi yang kurang terlatih, tidak terdorong untuk mencoba, tidak menginsafi rumah-rumah di kampong kebanyakannya tidak memiliki pembantu rumah, mereka hendaklah membuka peluang membantu dimana boleh agar 'balilk kampong' bukan saja menjadi nostalgik tetapi membawa pengalaman hidup kepada anak-anak muda disamping mewujudkan kesinambungan kemesraan, kejiranan dan keluargaan abadi.

Anak muda ini gemarkan kucing. Jesteru itu menikmati alam semula jadi sekelilingnya jua

P.S Balik Kampong' is a Malaysian way of life. Everyone giving the opportunity would like to return to his original home at least for a break or a short holiday. The writer laments the shortcomings when children, youth and even young adults get home to their kampong or birth homes yet do not take the opportunity to enjoy its true wealth and lifestyles. They become less adventurous with tendency to rest : do nothing excepting watch TV programs or clicking here and there on their handphones or electrical game gadjets. City living with all its pressure and inherant demand left them spent out on their return to quiet and natural surroundings.Here's hoping their recovery.