Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mother's and Teacher's Day Celebration

May 19, 2007

During the month of May two significant days are allocated respectively for Mothers and Teachers. The former being on the 13th and the latter on 16th of the month. Teachers' Day is however officially observed by the government and significantly by the Ministry of Education which organised grand gathering and celebration at national and state levels. At its apex, "Tokoh Guru" (Teacher of the Year) award is announced and it is a great honor for the recipients(s) as well as the teaching fraternity. Teachers like other service oriented personnel have contributed to the well-being of their students and education. It is fitting that the recognition is given and observed. Mothers' Day take a more intimate and personalized approach when off springs young and old honor their mothers' sacrifice, love and contributions. I would not like to vouch for its strong and significant observation currently. Perhaps it would be appropriate to say that a much greater focus and willingness are called for when celebrating or honoring Mothers in Malaysia. The thought of aged parents being left in old folks home and not wanting to be cared for by their own children is saddening and off set the Asian cultural norm. Therefore we need to instill a stronger awareness and conscious efforts at celebrating and observing Mother's and Fathers Day too.

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