Saturday, December 8, 2007

Don't They Know How To Ask 'PLEASE'

They are many things that I see which as far as possible I refrain from complaining or speaking out realising that such incidences may disappear or correct themselves in due time. But this case seems to continue and not ebb as hoped. One thing it is the usage of hand phone. True it is useful and a communication item bringing people closer , guaranteeing security and lots of other advantages.Yet it has its limitation and restrictions. Sadly no one seems to understand these aspects or just doesn't care. So far maybe at hospitals, mosques, petrol stations and on board aeroplanes where restrictions are spelt out. Again no one seems to care. They went on dialing and speaking without any care for the world. Two recent separate incidents at two petrol stations may hopefully scare people from using their phones near such places. Generally people hardly shy or avoid from doing what are directed even at such security or religious places. Breaking the peace of worshippers at mosques or religious places with the ringing of the phones added with all manner of sound or music is sacrosanct and next to ill respect and inconsideration.
Nevertheless it is the practice of 'charging' the phone's battery that sicken me. No one stops you from charging your phone at the appropriate places. You need to do that since no one has come out with a hand phone that is 'nonchargeable' just like the modern car batteries, Do that at your own home, office etc i.e places that belong to you. Surely not at any odd places as soon as you notice a plug point, innocently and gladly plug in your connection or charger without a thought of who own the property. On one occasion we had almost a busload of tertiary education students at home. It was good to welcome them for a short stay or rest. The hordes found the plug points at home for their continuing chats. That was the first thing they do. As guests we believe there are many other firsts to be be done. Certainly we were dumb founded. When more than a dozen at a time began to do that it was annoying and surprising. Not that we suffered from loss of much Ringgit and Sen but the decency to politely request permission before usage was not there. Maybe it has become so rudiments as turning the water tap or switching on the electricity. They are free and necessary. Therefore no excuse for requesting permission. So now you see all manner of man doing that at airports, offices, hospitals and homes which surely are not their own properties. Is this 'stealing' or 'poaching' for a lighter term? Imagine the power being 'stolen' throughout the country when more and more people adopt such attitude.
What should we do or what can we do? As parents we can tell our children the folly of doing such things. Teachers too should inculcate the right training. Hopefully this trend will correct itself. Otherwise it may spread to other practices as well.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Bangsa kita dulu menekankan soal adab dan budi bahasa. Tetapi, mungkin kerana terlalu sibuk mencari harta, aspek ini tidak lagi diambil kisah sangat oleh ibu bapa sendiri. Malah, lebih sedih lagi, ibu-bapa pun kadang-kadang tidak menujukkan contoh yang baik di hadapan anak-anak.

Kementerian Kebudayaan perlu tingkatkan kempen Budi Bahasa...

Queen Of The House said...

Ever seen a whole family sitting down to a meal at a restaurant and no one is engaged in conversation with one another? Instead, each person - father, mother, children - is busy smsing away or engaged with the mobile phone in some way. So maybe the art of conversation is also dying. And the value system is also decaying, so that's why we're seeing all these bad manners. Hahaha, cannot imagine the house being 'attacked' by handphone-toting students!