Sunday, August 31, 2008


Several mini cars for the younger drivers at the reception while Idzfan is in the cockpit with the control tower in the background.

YES it is another annual celebration for Malaysia's year of Independence. After a mammoth celebration of a golden anniversary last year, this turns reception either by the populace or the government is lax lustre and cool. In fact sedate. The usual exuberance for flying the 'Jalur Gemilang' on buildings and on top of vehicles appear non existence. Inflation is one reason but the political 'turmoil' surely does not help the people to feel any desire to celebrate much less to depart with hard cash. In Kedah especially during August we missed out attending several events namely the 'Military Tattoo', 'River Boat Race','Decorative Vehicles Parade', ' Seven Aside International Rugby Competition' and even an 'International Tomoi Competition'. Maybe the variety and timing did put us off. Yet yesterday on the eve of Merdeka Day and on an off-day, we accepted an invitation to attend a BMW driver training program at Alor Star Airport. It was to be an exciting discovery and experience as we had the chance to test drive BMW cars on the tarmac of the Alor Star Airport Runway. The stretch that usually saw jet planes taking off and taxing, was the venue for a stint of driving skills under the auspicious of BMW Malaysia. Again the venue was just a stone's throw away from our home.

Standing on the tarmac with the instructors and their cars in the background.
I remember way back before Merdeka , a car race was once organised at the old Alor Star Airport runaway. That session seemed to rekindle a moment in time though this time the vehicles are more steady and I am here on the tarmac itself.

Reflections on the show models with the aircraft draw bridge as seen.

Their advert reads " Many things can be analysed, rationalised and argued away. What remains is the substance. And the passion and conviction that unite them at the core. ......... only one thing will probably, have to remain unanswered until your first encounter in a BMW". Intriguing. What did we discover?

Our forty-minute test drive to 'feel' BMW braking power and its ABS including sudden stops and slalom between cones on new BMW 5 and 3 Series gave good feel of the cars trusting for sure the hallmark of it's safety features.One thing for sure there are more techniques of driving that we should be familiar with especially to handle current models with new technologies. An invitation by BMW to attend its driver training program at Sepang is tempting. Only one clause however. What you get is not guaranteed on any other makes except BMW. The price of a BMW is leap and bound above our Proton of course.
That was a passing moment of acquiring some knowledge and know-how because in the next two days we will be focussing on fulfilling the full requirements of Ramadan.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Some people are just so lucky - dapat test drive BMWs...dekat rumah sendiri pulak tu!

Selamat beribadat di Ramadhan al mubarak to you and Mak Wan.

" MAT KEDAH " said...

Salam, Saya pun ada kat sana selepas balik dari kayuh mountain bike... Tapi segan nak masuk sebab gaji tak cukup nak beli sebiji BMW baru... he he he click here to go to MAT KEDAH blog