Thursday, June 18, 2009


( saying that each container may have different contents) and so in simple term each person has his own interest or inclination. Wondering around the countryside you will see many features. Among them people's focus on their housing. Some go for the expansive and the very modern while others just could not get far from the old traditions. Of course the old world charm is
fast dwindling and disappearing but for the consciousness of some people who find their beauty all capturing and thus preservation become their characteristic trait. Langkawi is one zone where this dominating interest is alive and you will meet persons going out of their way to keep alive the artistic and architectural beauty of our traditional homes.

In earlier time this home would have seen a family being brought up with all shortcomings and difficulties. Yet many have passed this way and climbed even the ladder of success. Now with added convenience and good paint work it represents Malaysia's once prestigious home.

You have seen this building before in bright sunlight. Here it is caught in the twilight.

Now in Langkawi but it came from Tanah Besar. It meant dismantling and building again but for the love of it , it is done and now standing proud on the lagendary island

You may find such buildings around still but more often than not discarded and left to the ravages of nature.Here it is utilised and earning for the owner a good daily sum as guests would love to experience living in one.

Nestled by the 'menerong' glades, the simple pavilion gives a aura of its own and foursome could enjoy the evening tea here.

Do scout around and have your camera ready. You will come across some charming homes as I have and in good location too .


Ocean Girl said...

My uncle who is a native of Langkawi also has a few old houses that he brought over from the main land and restored at his home compound at Kedawang. They are really, really interesting and project such nostalgic atmosphere.


Pak Non,

Pic no.4 just like my father's house.Really very nostalgic atmosphere.The house now no more.

You write and bring back the yesteryears , I write about social-ills.Correct,correct,correct,lain orang lain hatinya.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Kota Star, when I balek kampong, I must go Langkawi and stay couple of nights in one of those homes.
Last I stayed in a kampong house was wayyyy back in the 50's.
Somehow I am still a kampong boy at heart being born, lived grew up with kampong boys. Not to mention dated kampong girls too, ha ha ha.

Love your well taken photographs. Just like looking at National Geographic mag. You're good and you capture just the right exposure and depth too.

I used to love taking sceneries, but now prefer the 2 legged ones, of the female species, *wink*....
more ahemmm, arousing and challenging.
You keep well my friend and have a great weekend, Lee.

KotaStar said...

Ocean Girl,
Hi n thanks for dropping by beside leaving yr observation. Yes I hae heard about a beautiful house at Kedawang and yet to visit it. Hopefully it's yr uncle's home than I can see his collection. Grateful if you can advise where in Kedawang. All the best and have a great weekend. Kalau balik ke Kedah buah durian dah mula gugur.

KotaStar said...

Pak Cha,
Amboi eloknya rumah lama tu kalau seperti pada dl gambar yg dimaksudkan.Itulah salah kita asyek mencari yg baru dan mengenepikan yg lama.Kini datang orang lain mencari khazanah lama dan kita menyesal pula. Apapun kami telah dapat sebuah rumah lama dan InsyaAllah rumah ayah saya yg masih kekal dapat dibaiki dan segala suasananya dihidupkan semula.Melihat perkembangan semasa sp kata sdr, tak tahulah dimana tujunya. Kita berdoa tak sampai sp dinegara lain dimana pergaduhan antara sendiri menjadi penyelesaian dan tak kemana jua. Semoaga sdr dan keluarga sihat selalu. Ya taniah kerana nampaknya dah ada gambar dl blog sdr.

KotaStar said...

Hi Lee, Good to see you appearing in the comment as always. Yes come to Langkawi and feel the nostalgia of old.From yr writing I know you have been touched by the kampong style of living and it is hard to forget. Toronto may have all its extras but the old recollections are still strong besides the extra episodes.You pull my legs for the compliments re photos but still it is good to know that friends do appreciate. THANKS All the best and may we see more stories from you.

Ocean Girl said...

My uncle's house is at Kg Temoyong/Lincai. The keyword is Lighthouse.

Dughian..uumh dah teghigin. Nak pi cari satgi.

muteaudio said...

Ocean Girl,
I've been to your uncle's house. It's beautiful indeed. I was there for one of his cooking lesson.

Yes, you should visit the house Ocean Girl mentioned. It's not difficult to find him.