Saturday, December 5, 2009


Almost an an aerial view of the country sides the new school building sits on a commanding hilltop. Seen in the right hand corner the Maktab Mahmud of Baling

On Thursday 3 December 2009, we saw the completion of one project, the building of a secondary school at Bongor in the district of Baling Kedah. With the completion and official handing over to the Ministry of Education Malaysia, Anak Arshad Architect as the lead consultant is happy that it means the new year 2010 will see local students of the district and surrounding area making their way to their new school and not having to journey far as otherwise. The school commands a grand view of the area as it stands on a small hill. The captivating view of the Baling hills and forest will no doubt be an added value and character to the school. It is left to the school administrators to cultivate the area and landscaping, now that they have a complete school with amenities, teachers and pupils of the early 1960's would be jealous of or which they never dreamt of. How lucky the school administrator, teachers and pupils are to be handed a secondary school almost devoid of other wants but only the learning skill and the pedagogy expected.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non,

Such a beautiful school. Future students will be proud of their alma mater. Congrats to you and Kak Wan.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi KotaStar, wow! I love that school with its scenic exposure to surroundings....beautiful school.
And your mentioned of Baling....I used to stop there for coffee, sometimes makan.
Quite often chatting up the locals over kopi and rokoks.

I have always loved to chat with old pakchiks in kampong or village coffee shops, love their down to earth humour.
And Baling where Uncle Chin Peng and Tunku had their chit chat long ago. Pity it was not successful.
Thats one reason I always make a stop there old days....history, ha ha.
Have a nice day, my friend, Lee.


Pak Non,

Had Pak Tuan Syed was placed in such a school,he would had make many more miracles.

A pity he had gone and gone.When talking about education we the oldies can't help being nostalgic.

I hope beautiful school will create beautiful future.

Queen Of The House said...

Urban school pun mungkin tak secantik ini .... what lucky students and teachers!!