Thursday, January 28, 2010


IT seems to be a slow start for the NEW YEAR. At least with my blog update. The innuendos of happenings, tragedies for that matter that cloud the beginning month seems to dampen the spirit; Haiti with its disastrous earthquake leaving thousand dead and untold sufferings and much so in an impoverished nation, Johore especially for the loss of Sultan Iskandar and so too the country for 'King Ghaz' a statesman and politician of Tun Abdul Razak's era who had a colorful life. Befittingly Tun Ghazali Shafie was given a hero's funeral at 'Makam Pahlawan' Masjid Negara KualaLumpur. At the home front, a departure of an auntie also hit the family. The Muslim - Christian issue over 'ALLAH' particularly in the country has caught attention of the government and all wished that it would be closed with maturity and understanding.

January is now coming to its end and in a fortnight the tiger will roar ushering in the Chinese New Year. Already things are looking steadier and hopefully the economic barometer too will show similar trend. We have to speed on and plans have to be made and executed less the months ahead will lack luster. Let's wish for a steadier, fruitful and safer coming months giving us the comforts and desires that we wish for.

Meantime let's share some views of my home town Alor Setar,

Everyone would know that a motor car has four wheels. One would expect the same if asked how many wheels has a train carriage. I guess not many can come out with the correct answer. Simply we don't go near a railway station or a train anymore. A sudden interest to visit the station at Alor Setar revealed that it has been maintained well insuring the aged old charm

This would be the best weekly market in the country.Originally opened for business on Wednesday it now does business thru the week and it has the most modern permanent structure whereas all weekly market runs on temporary structures.

The old original floor at the Alor Setar Railway Station. While stepping into the station like hundred others we seldom realized the colorful floor, its origin and how long it has been there.

This is one favorite Nasi Kandar stall in town. Service in the early morning only and you will get hot piping nasi served with your choice dishes- telor, ayam, udang, sotong etc.

The Railway Station with the long stretch of platform. The station master and staff have done their best to keep it in trim and nostalgic condition.With double tracking on the way, it will not be too long before rail travel becomes the in thing.

Only a few of these railway quarters still stand and housed the railway staff. Building like this would be seen all over the country before but try to find one in larger towns now and you will be lucky to see one. Even the paint works tells you that it is KTM


Ocean Girl said...

My grandfather once (or maybe even twice or trice, since he loved telling me stories) told me of a story of a man who worked at the railway station as a trolley person, loading and unloading goods onto and off the train. It was hard work and he had a hard life.

One day, my grandfather met him in town and he was nicely dressed and looking relaxed. He told my grandfather that his son had graduated and working a big job and now taking care of the family. He told my grandfather that his son did not allow him to work anymore and therefore he no longer worked at the train station.

However, not long after, my grandfather met the man again working at the train station, loading and unloading goods. My grandfather asked him why. He said his son had met with an accident and died and now he no longer had his son.


Pak Non,

Comment by Ocean Girl make me touched.

kotastar said...

Ocean Girl and SdrMat Isa,

Sorry that I did not response to yr comment earlier. I was away.I did not expect the railway station picture could bring out a story of its own. At least we learned of a true son who honored his father in the best possible way.Sadly it was not to last. We do hope such devotion and care will surface and continue to show esp when we hear of parents being neglected and left to fan for themselves. We pray such devotion will appear in our lifetime too