Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Break Over The Bay at Teluk Chempedak

            There are many ways of declaring the name of a town. At IPOH you would see the name standing on a top of a hill as you approach the city from the south. At Trengganu the word ALLAH welcomes you into the city.It too stands on a hill so it is seen even before you arrive in the city. Now at Kuantan, you need to come close to the river to see its name engraved on large alphabets standing out of the river. Yes we were at Kuantan last week.

         It was a moonlight night and we had this photo of the bay as the moon glides by the sole coconut tree standing by the beach while simmering its rays over the  water

As dawn creeps by and you awake to welcome the morning, what a sight to behold as the sun makes its early appearance with hues of changing colors as seen from the three sequence photographs. It must be almost four decades ago that I last visited this corner of Teluk Chempedak. It has remained almost as prestine  as before. 

'Footprints in the sand' is an often repeated phrase. Surely there cannot be so many people thrashing by on the beach yet there are patterns all over. The breeze and the waves help to leave their designs on the sandy beach  

Now what do you see? This is by far the first time ever that we have seen such approach at a restaurant. Malaysian culture and handicraft take a new direction. By the way we had a taste of 'puding sultan' a speciality known only here at Kuantan. Give a try whenever you visit this part of the east coast. A day visit to the town left much to be discovered. Some of the facades of buildings in town seems to equal those in UNESCO Penang.


Anonymous said...

Вот еще немного ссылок на тему, как похудеть.

Monster Mom said...

pak, are you still in kuantan?

have a lovely stay here...