Sunday, February 13, 2011


Madinah modern buildings with characteristic features of the old.

     An example of 'khat specially with the word "Muhammad" saw. Islamic calligraphy as an ornamental writing would be the decorative features in mosques, suraus and homes.

  The green dome of the Prophet's Mosque at Madinah is a familiar sight to those who have the privilege to visit the city and rewarded a thousand fold for having prayed there.

 Pilgrims on completion of their 'Haj' would be presented with a copy of the 'Koran' each as they depart for home from the airports. The holy book is printed at a large factory in Madinah. We had the opportunity to visit the centre and besides the huge sparklingly clean floor area as from the above photo you marvelled at the well kept garden with thriving greenery and flowering plants.

 MUHAMMAD RASUL or PROPHET his name emblazoned on one of the main doors of the mosque opened 24 hours of the day, seven days in the week and throughout the year.

Pilgrims and visitors find peace, solace and sanctity when at Madinah. Millions during the Haj season take shelter under the canopies that now surround the open courtyard outside the mosque. In the evening Koran classes are held and you will find children in groups with their teachers busy reading and reciting the verses from the Koran. Their readings vibrate in the huge hall alongside jumaah with their prayers.

THAT WOULD BE THIS 15th of FEBRUARY 2011. Next year it will fall on 2 February and in 2013 the celebration falls on 24th January. The occasion is none other than the birth date of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Born  on 12 Rabiul Awal, the third month succeeding Muharam and Safar in the Muslim Hijrah year and that being on 23 April 571 . The Muslim Hijrah year being a lunar system has 354 days in a year instead of the 365 days of the Gregorian year. Thus the different dates of the occasion.

Muslim countries will celebrate the occasion and in Malaysia it is also a public holiday with ceremonies at federal and state levels. Processions and 'ceramah' will surely be part of the celebration to honour his birth with talks of his live and activities as the prophet of Islam. The celebrating nature pervades throughout the country, with district,mukim and kampong levels having their own programs. Not forgetting homes with their own celebrations too. Right through Rabiul Awal and Rabiul Akhir 'Mailadul Rasul' or 'Maulud Nabi' will feel the Muslim community's calender and assure a greater sense of knowledge, attitude, love and respect for Islam and Muhammad s.a.w the last prophet and of Islam too. 

The celebration will renew and strengthen the faith and kinship of the Muslims in their religion while fostering greater friendly (ukwah) with everyoneMany would be enthralled by the singing and recitation of religious songs, nasyid including the rhythmic and melodious 'marhaban','qasidah' and 'berzanji' that would naturally ring out from mosques, 'surau'and homes.

Naturally enough we will recapitulate the past remembering the time and moments when we were part of the celebrations. Unnatural if you have never been touched by such celebrated nature before. 

Right now we are transported back to Madinah al Munawarah or Madinat al Nabi with vivid memories of the city and especially with Masjid Nabi and the mausoleum of Prophet Muhammad itself. At this city too there is Masjid Quba the first mosque to be built in Islam. Fitting that we share some of the photos of this holy city with characteristics of its own which undoubtedly recall you to visit it again and again.

That the authorities have developed Madinah as it is now, turning a desert oasis into a beautiful city with  Muslim characteristics remained a hallmark and pride for Prophet Muhammad  s.a.w and in association with its name Madinat al Nabi. Anyone who has visited the city will notice its dominant softness and respectability oozing from the hearts and souls of its citizen. Then again it is the second holiest city of Islam.    


Peace and quiet. Clean and neat throughout the day. Everything placed where they should be for the convenience of the devout. Zam-Zam water in its container, carpets spread out on the marble floor; air conditioned oozed from the bottom of the pillars and the holy Koran ready for everyone who wished to read the verses. This is what you will forever remember of Madinah.

Look above and you will discover the decorative treatments to the insides of the domes

In earlier years this would be the only canopy you would see in the courtyard of the mosque. Now it has multiplied giving respite to pilgrims and visitors against the noon day sun while adding a touch of uniqueness to the city itself.

While of course 12 R'Awal 1432 or 15 February 2011 remained marked in the diary, the calendar or the hand- phone as a date not to be forgotten and your attendance at the function on the occasion of Mailadul Rasul is called upon. 



Aishah said...

Thank you Kota Star, for the pictures and reminders. It is indeed nostalgic to see the pictures and I can hear the recitation of the Qur'an humming through the hallways. Rindu.

kotastar said...

TRuly the scene and the feelings when we are there are special to us.I am always assured of the love between man and woman, husband and wife, father and daughter each time I see the men waiting for their womenfolks at the exit points for the women jumaah. No you don't ever see such assembly anywhere else. It happen here at Masjid Nabi.