Saturday, April 2, 2011


A 'Book Village' in a park created by nature is one of a kind exceptional in our world


Nature helps to curve many features. These photos of roots and branches are striking. I suppose as  a beholder it brings many ideas to mind.Do they initiate you to reflect of anything? For one they initially  entice me instantly a  word: reflective or a representation. Foremost I get a definite "entwining' or 'linkage'. Surprisingly you are reminded of such compliments or good relationship not while in the community at large but while thrashing in a park. You would of course see loving and dear couples strolling with arms twine between each other.Nature has its secrets too.

Langkawi being an island offers all the ingredients tourists or visitors look for.Yet there are many undiscovered treasures waiting. One is a park just outside the city of Kuah with a natural captivation of its own. Once it housed the international 'Book Village' since remained closed for upgrading. Locals and visitors however make a beeline here during weekends. Children especially having the best time of their lives.

We were here recently and such the discovery. We would vouched that the 'Book Village' or the reading facilities here as initiated earlier would be a treasure trove since it is located in the most beautiful natural park.No amount of money would be able to create such beauty.It is a loss and a crying shame if such beauty, peace and tranquility is not shared and enjoyed by many.

Hopefully the intention to revive and make this part of the island visitors' favored spot will be a reality soon.

Meantime we share the secrets with you.

Loops and circles yet they never get entangled. 

  Verdant treasures of Langkawi. The forest and the greenery will mesmerized you

Can a fish be above water? It takes many forms. Here the roots encircled to produce what it is.

There are many more of such creations if you care to walk right round the park           


Al-Manar said...

I am pleased to see something we have in common, observing the beauty of nature seen but less observed. Many do not appreciate the 'oddities' created. What is odd is very often beautiful. Stop and ponder and we will realise the greatness of our Creator.

I marvel at nature and try to find any signs of it in the Quran. As an example my posting today tries to link it to our great reference BOOK

I am pleased to see you calling againg since your return from Haj.

KotaStar said...


Thank you. Pleased to know yr appreciation and yr comment. Yes as we move around keep our eyes wide open the beauty and the creation of nature is outstanding. I always have my camera ready. It becomes a source of inspiration. Great and salam to you and family.