Saturday, July 16, 2011


SINCE my last episode, it has seen movement up and down from north to south and even eastward in the peninsular. It has involved moving house too and therefore our arrival at the national capital - PUTRAJAYA, after vacating  the home at Subang Jaya where we have lived. At least where the children stayed  and we frequented. An end-lot double-storey terrace house bought in 1994 paid handsomely for a new acquisition at the capital city plus all the advantages and infrastructures provided. Any other purchases including     automobile whatever its make would only depreciate in value but not landed property.With the zooming price in housing property especially, it has put  its acquisition beyond the reach of average wage earners and recent announcements for first time home earners to acquire homes in Putrajaya would certainly be a big attraction more so with loan approved at 110%. Without doubt there are huge advantages having a home here. Now and especially in the coming years.

2.   Kirkby College Alumni has moved to make its  formation  felt with the cooperation of Film Negara Malaysia via a production and screening of the 'Kirkby College A Heritage ' over the national TV1 network recently. The story of its beginning in 1952 and its contribution to teacher education for ten years in Kirkby Liverpool England marked the extra ordinary venture by the government of Malaya to open a teacher training college abroad.  Its graduates  no less than 1500 in number served with distinction when the country approached Merdeka and the period following. Kirkby College trained teachers with their colleagues from the other  Teacher Training Colleges in Malaysia performed their tasks satisfactorily when the country achieved Independence and  on the transition of  changing from English to Malay medium and contributed to the intakes of students to the universities of the time. Kirkby College Alumni Association Malaysia held a function at Film Negara Malaysia Petaling Jaya Selangor on 23 June 2011 to thank the latter for highlighting Kirkby's role especially in conjunction with Hari Guru Celebration 2011. Members together with Tan Sri Yahya the President of the Association continue to enhance the contribution of the College though the College has been closed since 1962. Yet its members all senior citizens continue to participate in respect of their love for education and memories of the past. It is to be acknowledged that a new college at Cyberjaya has taken the name Kirkby to perpetuate its contribution to education and teacher training. 

3. In the same week I found myself at Badan Warisan Malaysia Kuala Lumpur on a Friday afternoon to attend an official opening of an exhibition of P.Ramlee's Photographs by Tun Ahmad Sarji. Besides the function also saw the relaunching of two books . They were  i. P. Ramlee Erti Yang Sakti written bt Ahmad Sarji  ii,P.Ramlee The Bright Star written by James Harding and Ahmad Sarji. It is not widely known that the former Ketua Setiausaha Negara is an ardent  admirer of P,Ramlee, the singer, actor , director or the sensation of the Malay Film Industry. The photographs exhibited were his personal collections and probably would not be found anywhere else. It was a fortunate afternoon as I was able to get Tun Ahmad Sarji to sign his autobiography which I happened to purchase that very morning. " Giving In Trust " documented the writer's story of  seventy years.from childhood till his recent stature. 


4.   Students do remember their teachers and on the occasion of one who was on a return visit to Malaysia from Canberra Australia, several got together for a dinner at Selangor Club Kuala Lumpur on 1 July 2011. Sdr Hashim Abdul Rahman who has settled down in Canberra once taught at Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim Jitra Kedah. Sdr Dato Ghazi Sheikh Ramli and I were invited with several students of the pioneering years of the school as hosts for the evening. Sdr Razali, Abu Bakar Omar, Omar Abdullah, Dr Solihin, Zaharah and others attended lending a rousing meeting with remembrance of old time. Sdr Hashim sadly lost his wife Hajjah Zaiton Jamil also a former teacher at the school in February 2011 over cancer.

On the street where we live. It's none gated and also none fencing. It's peaceful and quiet and wishing it will continue to be so.

 Several former students of SMSAH honor their teachers to a dinner at the Selangor Club. Hashim Abd Rahman,Ghazi Sheik Ramli,my wife and I were guests.Actor Abu Bakar Omar and Omar Abdullah attended too.

One of many portraits if P. Ramlee that were on display at the Photo Exhibition held at Badan Warisan Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

 They attended the function at Film Negara Malaysia Petaling Jaya.

           A souvenir befitting the film industry as present to the Kirkby Alumni

 Tun Ahmad Sarji President of Badan Warisan Malaysia at the official opening of the P.Ramle Photo Show
              The activities did not take a rest,since we saw ourselves at Pasir Putih for a 'meminang session' on Friday 8 July 2011.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Welcome to Puttajaya :-)

kotastar said...

We await your visit to the home.Thanks

Al-Manar said...

The Kirkby story brings back lots and lots of old memoies.

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