Thursday, August 11, 2011


Atrocities ! YES it is puzzling and worrying. Scaring you and the families too. Bodies cut into pieces, placed in envelopes and plastic. An Indonesian woman and her five year old son were the cruel victims. Bangladesh nationals were 'involved'. A house broken into and a young lady just transferred from Sintok to Ipoh was bundled off to be disposed God knows where when a security guard confronted the assailants. - a postman, a soldier and two other friends. 

Mind you all the assailants were neighbors of the victims.

Next day, the missing French girl is found. Dead and buried in a a hollow grave and in a dark cave. She was a foreign tourist visiting our country,because she was sure of its safety and charming friendship but Pulau Tioman was to be her last  resting place less she is flown back to her family.  Weeks before she had emailed her family recounting her experiences and suddenly there was silence.
The Banting murder trial is on. Newspapers sold like hot cakes when the murder was earlier reported. Now, the unsavory story does not attract that much attention when it is at the court.
Lust, greed, jealousy, 'hunger', crazy, impious, whatever their weakness we have to put a stop or attempt to address the shortcomings in our society. It can be cancerous if allowed to go unchecked. Foreign 'bachelors' in the country roaming unchecked with sights of women, natives or otherwise only tempt their spirits. Yet we let our borders or shores go 'unchecked' because ringgit was in the offer. Have we not learned what has happened to Britain for taking influx of foreigners? They came as students and workers but in the end what are the results. 
Please, let's get to the roots for all these disadvantages and weakness.

Turn the pages of your newspaper  today and you will be happily rewarded if there are no reports of similar cases. But surely there is a story of Britain in disarray. Hopefully Thursday in Malaysia is blessed without unsavored report.



salam Pak Non,

Selamat menjalani ibadat berpuasa..........

Everything is almost unchecked in the country.

pemerintah busy untuk berkuasa dan berharta

Rakyat dilalaikan dengan pelbagai pembohongan .....rakyat tak mendapat proper 'education' untuk mencerdikkan diri

Negara di canangkan sebagai bertaraf kelas pertama,tapi rakyat bertaraf kelas ketiga

sorry tak boleh sembang panjang2,nanti hilang pula pahala berpuasa

Kesedihan menanti di hari muka......itulah resultnya

KotaStar said...

Sdr Mat Isa,

Terima kasih atas keperahitanan sdr. Kita sama-sama melihat dan sedar. Apa hendak jadi? Bagaimana hendak mengatasi segalanya kalau pelajaran disekolah pun dikatakan lemah.

Selamat berpuasa. Dah lama kita tak berjumpa. InsyaAllah kami kesana nanti Salam dar kami sekeluarga.

Al-Manar said...

You worry about the security and I worry about our education and where children, our new general generation heading for.

Hope you do not mind seeing your comment has been placed as my new posting. What you said is interesting enough for my visitors to read. Thank you, my friend. Selamat berpuasa.

Al-Manar said...

Sdr Zainal,

I have just noticed the error in my above comment. I should have not posted the second paragraph. Ini lah kalau dah tua!