Friday, September 16, 2011


Traveling around the country in between family, friend plus work related duties, we have often come across what  can be termed 'treasures': sites , buildings, art pieces and artifacts. They caught our eyes, perhaps because we strained to look for them and halted the very moment they come into sight. Giving them a miss would be a loss at a discovery of a kind. More over they may not be around the second time you come around. Discoveries too pleasantly open avenues that you hardly know before.The camera however is always close at hand.

1.0 Seen somewhere in Perlis

Take this small hut for example. It is solid, steady and protective by its constructive details. It stands a distance away from other buildings but not too far away for the owner to approach it. You may be lucky to come across one, that stands near the main road. This is a 'jelapang' a storage house or a store for keeping rice or padi that has been harvested: guaranteeing the owner sufficient 'subsistence' for the family  and security in times of scarcity and bad times. Of course presently you may find other things stored in it. 

2.0  At Pasir Puteh in Kelantan

Only last week we were at a village in the Pasir Puteh district of Kelantan and came across this ornate and well constructed 'mimbar' or pulpit translated for its usage rather than anything else. The Imam told me it was designed and constructed by the craftsmen of the village. A mosque in our area in Alor Setar is wanting one and its size or proportion is suitable for the mosque, not being too big or bulky.

3.0 In a village at Jeneri in the district of Sik Kedah
Old Malay houses surprisingly show many decorative features especially being wooden homes. Here the glass frames decorated with wooden panels stand out. 

4.0 Simpang Empat Alor Setar Kedah

Long and high stair cases. Malay homes would naturally have odd number of staircases.Thirteen or nine would be the correct choice

5.0 A wall in the sky at Singapore

An earlier visit to Singapore  during May 2011, saw us straining at two buildings, miles apart but designed by the same architect.We wonder at first, how could it be. A wall standing by itself but too high in the sky. Then there was another one, a much taller building and right in the centre of Singapore. It seems the architect  likes to challenge our perceptions and his design are as such.       


Notice the tall white building on the right.No not a piece of wall but an office building with the normal facilities, though the main building is hidden architecturally by design.

6.0 At Kampong Bunut Payong Kota Bharu Kelantan

This was a discovery indeed. a beautiful bungalow home was offered as a guest house or a home stay
Intricate designed doors and a lounge that were welcoming

An opened courtyard with a grass verge that is pleasant to the eye and a guaranteed safe playground for the children right in the home.

 7.0    At Kuala Besut

A goldsmith shop next to a home for the birds at Kuala Besut Terengganu. Notice that the open window has been sealed with brick blogs but permitting a small entry. No wonder, because I have seen even a seven storey hotel building converted into one itself.

                                 8.0 At Langkawi

 It was a lucky day when I managed to photograph the two 'burung enggang' chattering and cracking their loud cry just outside the back porch of our home in Langkawi. The coconut and rubber trees seems to be their playing fields.

Thankful that we continue to be blessed with sights that grant the beauty and magnificence of nature and God's creativity.



oceangirl said...

Treasures indeed and they are beautiful. I am always scared that if I find something is nice, like a beautiful tree, a green patch of land, mist over a pond, the second time I look, it is really gone.

Al-Manar said...

A very good choice of architectural designs. What is distressing is the disappearing timber works.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Kotstar, I guess I am like you too. But many times without a camera.....too bulky to carry around old days.
And yes, I too would when enroute to wherever if see something of interest will slam my brakes, reverse, stop, come down to look or admire.

But you know what I miss? I miss stopping in those small villages for coffee, nasi lemak or hard boiled eggs
and chatting with the pakciks.
Used to stop very often at Betong and chat with the old folks about Chin Peng and Tunku.

And I love those old Malay kampong homes, some really beautiful.
Oh ya, I miss driving into Alor Star with the scenic padi fields and faraway hills, especially in late evenings. But often late for an appointment, and at 90 mph, only see I don't end up in the padi field, ha ha.
Have a nice day, my friend.

kotastar said...

Selamat Menyambut 54 tahun Merdeka dan segala yang telah dikurniakan. Thankful that we continue to enjoy the things we do and the way it has been.Let's pray that all the good things will prevail and none will disappear in the blink of an eye.

kotastar said...

Sdr Al Manar,

Very close to KT but only got to Kuala Besut and Pasir Putih. Maklumlah bawa rombongan pengantin. Then back to Alor Setar.On 27/9 we are on a visit to Brunei. Dato Baharuddin and wife plus members of Kirkby alumni bersama, seramai 24 orang for a balik kampong.An opportunity to see the new Brunei. Sure will post some pix too. Hopefully soon we will meet at KT. Salam

kotastar said...

Hi Lee,
Long time no hear and of course see! Still your write up keep us posted what's happening in the northern country west of us.Nostalgia is our attractions and as you said there are many that haunt us. Your stories speak volumes.Wish all well and you are in the pink of health though winter is now approaching and you need to keep warm .... All the best

Salam from us here.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non, it takes somebody with a keen eye for detail and backed by some knowledge to really appreciate these treasures. Hanya jauhari yang mengenal maknikam..