Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 WHEN were you last in Malacca? We were there on Saturday /Sunday 22 and 23 October 2011. If you have not been there in the last three years or so then expect the unexpected.. The city centre can be in the running with what our nearest neighbour in the south has done. No wonder there is a large flow of Singaporeans in the city by the sights of tourist buses and cars.

It is a generalized opinion since being in the state for no more than twenty four hours. But what you see, what hit you is enough to show that there has been changes. a BIG CHANGE too. How we wish other states in Malaysia especially with the God's gift of their flora and fauna and the winding RIVERS wake up to reality and do the necessary for reasons they can conjure up themselves. Either for revenue or for the simple reason of protecting our environments.  There is a wake up CALL but who hears!

And I am not touching on heritage issue yet. That's another special case for Malacca and others to copy. ( Yes, no need to crack your heads and minds - just follow what they have done) No need to travel outside the country and come home after enjoying the tour and sit back dreaming and nothing transpires. Yes a much repeated story.
    By the way our visit to Malacca took a BIG alternative. We traveled by car to the city. Parked and the vehicle stayed put until we were ready to depart. We carried TWO bicycles in the booth. Bolehkah dua buah basikal dimasukkan ke dalam 'boot' kereta? Mengapa tidak kalau kita guna gerek 'foldie' atau 'basikal lipat'. Lihatlah apa terjadi bila basikal jenis ini dibawa bersama.

                       Not easy to fit in but possible if you disassemble the wheels

      A row of 'foldies' in the hotel foyer ready for their riders in the morning. Yes safety too the bikes are 'parked' inside, under shelter and under watchful eyes.

                                                             Folded and light too

      This is the scene by the old Malacca River, renewed and alive again caught before 8.00 am.. Imagine if it was much earlier in the morning, it would have represented a more intimate atmosphere.The old backyards corners of homes have thrived exploding their values and statures. Was it so five centuries ago?

        The truth to my earlier statement

      We were in this Putrajaya Urban Riders group by pure coincidence as we just decided to join them a few hours earlier.. Even the hotel rooms where the group have booked were full. Never to be disappointed we checked out via internet booking. Yes it is available. next time if the hotel says it is full house, you know it is still available via internet booking

      Caught these ladies on the steps of the Malacca old Istana all geared up for the next route along the Malacca River

      Kampong Morten along the Malacca River, an example of pride and love for the homes we have.

      The families take pride in displaying their homes

       Intricacies and modernity . Salutes to the power that takes pride in the beautification of this city

               Feel like showing ourselves today because it was our anniversary by chance on the same date.

                                        Before and after. One as it is and the other folded up for easy carriage

      (Friends overseas, please see what you can get when you fly home to Malaysia. Only don't go for the BMW,Volvo, VW etc. You won't see what are captured in the photos above. Get yourselves ready to cycle . You have done that many decades ago so no problem getting back to peddle power. We can provide the foldies.) or you can bring one yourself. The airline will provide carrier facilities as its your luggage.)

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      oceangirl said...

      Happy anniversary to the nice couple.

      Melaka is beautiful and now it is time we do the same for Kuala Lumpur.