Saturday, March 9, 2013


No, I am not attending the class but my wife is. The Academy being at Kg Batu on the Commuter Train route to Batu Cave from Kuala Lumpur Central after the short 15 minute ride from Putrajaya is therefore not a close distance from our home in Putrajaya and by no mean an easy drive from there by car with all the halts and traffic on the road. Being here allows me to spend some good hours doing what I do best and at the same time picking the time to shoot photos of what the academy students do during their practical training. Yes! it is not everyday you get the chance to be amongst the dedicated ladies who aspire to be chefs and masters in their own kitchens. PLEASING and  HONOURING their love ones at home, at the same time acquiring skills for expansion into business if they should choose to do so.

We may have seen chefs on the TV programs. national and international displaying their skills and TV programs which promote cooking skills but here I am right at the heart where one runs her business and meet her clients and students. Truly a golden opportunity to know many things. Admittedly as a man in the house I cannot say that I know much what goes in the kitchen except relishing the preparations and servings that come to the dining table. 

These are the students at Chef Liza Akademi with Chef Liza in the middle.

Wow! These are the various cakes prepared by the end of the day. The students can take home their shares of the labour. Of course we had a taste of them when tea is served.

Yesterday, TV3 crew was here to make a documentary of the academy in conjunction with Hari Ibu SeDunia and will be on air Tuesday 12.00 noon.

   If you recognize the lady next to the student in uniform, you would know she is a deputy minister too. 
    Earlier in the week when we came to acquire regarding the program offered
                Just could not be snapping pictures only, so this is the evidence that I  was here too.

Kalau ada yang gemar mengikuti kursus atau latihan disana, tak semesti bagi satu sesi yang panjang, boleh menghubungi kami. Glad to help.

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