Wednesday, April 24, 2013


TWO SUBJECTS are at heart . The former because of  the construction going on at the great mosque in Mecca and the current regulations for those on umrah visits and the later for the upcoming election day 5th of May 2013 in the country.

Malaysians are at a point of choosing the forthcoming government to manage the country for the next FIVE years. Right now the country is deluged with banners, buntings, flags, decorative images etc at almost all corners of the country, not counting the stories and updates in the newspapers, radio and TV programs. Besides live campaigning goes on right after the nomination day until the eve of election night.

Many would have decided whom they would choose and whom would get the X mark in the ballot papers. It is not a matter of a week or a one day decision that a person makes his mind to choose whom he or she wants to represent the constituency or the country . I believe it is a waste of good luxury to campaign as we do now with  all the symbols and pictures hung and pinned all over the place. Believe me it would only leave a bad scar once the election is over. It would be weeks or months before all are spruced up again.

We must realized that the time of showing movies in open spaces by the Information Department as way back is past and gone; just so banners, flags and slogans.The new electronic media would do well to replace the campaign trail. Let's leave the countryside clean. Get the candidates campaign on their own merits going house to house or at best certain agreed locations. Truly there are new approaches to be taken and campaigning during our Malaysian Elections need that extra scrutiny and change too.  Our citizens are not gullible as perceived.

A look at the pictures here attest to what I have said above regarding the approach to present campaigning. Believe me come a week after 5th MAY 2013 let's find out the outcome ... will they be cleared properly?

This topic is close at heart because we would not be able to receive the ballot papers and mark them as we want to. We would be on 'umrah' with the family three days before the D-Day. By the stroke of luck our departure date has been moved to a day after election day. Now we would be gratified to realize two results of hand. Firstly who becomes the conqueror to oversee the country for the next five years and secondly the opportunity to be at Al Haram and Masjid Nabi once again. We would get the opportunity to see the development taking place at Al Haram while InsyaAllah accomplishing what Muslims all over the world do when they are at Mekkah and Madinah.  A two and half year interval would surely show great significance in development. This  picture (below) derived from the internet shows part of the construction on site. Naturally the jumaah would be concentrated at the few open spaces available in the mosque and outside. Realizing that the expansion of AlHaram would allow for a million jumaah to gather here, a feat and accomplishment. Nevertheless for any development there would be out- cry, complaint and dissatisfaction. The Saudi authorities do not escape from outcries for such developments too. 

Notice the Kaabah and the earlier part of Al Haram with its flat top floor and the 'Sae' sector. Next notice the new section/expansion being added in the sector of the former 'Masjid Kuching' as most Malaysian know it and the earlier barber shops. It seems to double the size of the Mosque now.
Applications for umrah visit has become more strict with new regulations requiring adherence to regulations. Original certificate has to be shown and scanning overtake photostat. Young ladies wanting to go on 'umrah' must be accompanied by their parents or members of 'muhrim', no more accompanying unrelated persons.  Only senior ladies are allowed to go as a group.

As we approach the fifth of MAY 2013 we silently pray for continued peace and no on towards happenings as a sequence to the election results. At heart we look forward to two assignments in our calendar wishing for fulfillment.        

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Al-Manar said...

Selamat ke umrah dan pulang. Pilihanraya bukan lagi satu satu yang saya tunggu. Ada rasa tak ingin cemarkan jari !