Saturday, November 2, 2013


I trust many by the nature of things would be guessing what the object is. A saying ' have somebody in the palm of his hands' or ' the goalkeeper just managed to palm the ball over the crossbar' bring us closer to palm trees or that part of our body structure, relating to an important part of our body structure. Yet the picture is far from that constituent. 

Nevertheless it fell off a tree, a palm of a kind and struck me as being quite extraordinary for its texture and formation. It would have been left by the roadside, discarded and disintegrated contributing as part of the debris of nature. I carted it home hoping to review and have a closer look.

Captured on film it left much to the imagination what we could have done with it. Artistic, graphic and designing skills could have made such objects a masterpiece.

It is left to our imagination. Imagine what else we may come across.


Al-Manar said...

There is a fabric-like material that comes clear of coconut palm top. One does not bother to study the beauty in it and its function. What I try to describe here is probably what is pictured above.

Selamat awal Muharram

kotastar said...

Sir, you are right. It's fabric like and can certainly be used as a cloth or covering. However not directly from a coconut tree but a palm of a sort and not a royal palm. Thank you for yr detail observation. Have been observing yr recent reports and the pictures too are looking better and sharper. Wow that's a beautiful house by the sea and with the small 'orchard' by its side it is indeed a HOME.Syukur.