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BANDUNG sebenarnya tak asing kepada kita, sekurang-kurangnya kita sentiasa menikmati 'mee bandung' dan sekali sekala mencoba pula 'ais bandung.' Para pelancong khusus dari Malaysia berduyun-duyun ke kota ini yang terkenal dengan barangan dari kilang-kilangnya. "Factory Outlet' menjadi sebutan ramai dan penerbangan Air Asia merupakan satu-satu pengangkutan udara yang mendarat di lapangan terbang Bandung. Anehnya tidak terdapat penerbangan tempatan seperti Garuda atau SriWijaya yang mengguna lapangan terbang Bandung.

Mereka yang mendarat di Jakarta jika hendak ke kota ini perlulah mendapat teksi, bas atau perkhidmatan keretapi . Perjalanan tentu memakan masa lebih daripada tiga jam.

Kami mengalami peristiwa itu apabila dipandu terus dari Lapangan Terbang Jakarta ke Bandung. Jalan yang sesak bermula dari Lapangan Terbang Jakarta lagi menyebabkan perjalanan itu mengambil lebih daripada empat jam.

Kebetulan kami ke sini bukan untuk berperwisata tetapi kebetulan menyertai satu persidangan. At least my wife attended the conferance and I was able to take time to see parts of the city while the program was on.

So enjoy viewing the photographs accompanying as we found the city keeping close with its historical and geographical origin, preserving its characteristics and able to sustain the old while developing and extending with a huge population of more than 14 million people.

Cool and refreshing, resemble Cameron Highland  and the sun comes up quite early in the day. By Malaysian time it was 8.18 am as registered on my camera. In fact it is an hour behind at Bandung. 

 The cool highland location of Bandung made it a favourite week-end destination from the populace of Jakarta. Greenery and flowering plants added beauty to the city.

 This landscape garden was at the hotel where we stayed

The wooded area around the province must of course provide quality wood for the furniture industry but my close encounter with this masterpiece at a shopping arcade indicate that there must be excellence craftsmen in the  province while of course not denying the availability of quality wood..

The picture shows one 'factory outlet' which sells products produced in Bandung. We never got to see any factory but the amount of goods of various types and quality assure that the production must be strong both for export and home consumption. The large number of Malaysian buyers naturally allowed RM to be accepted by the sellers at most establishments.

If in Malaysia we had heritage buildings reflecting British presence in the country, Indonesia has Dutch built buildings to show its linkages with Holland. We had the opportunity to visit a great building currently used as the office of the Governor. It is named as Gedong Sate for the sate stick that tops the building as a symbol. The view from its highest point is as seen in the picture below.  A dinner reception was held in one of its hall. Observe its ceiling height.

Imagine being serenaded when you are having breakfast. This two musician were at their best during breakfast time at the hotel we  stayed. Don't be surprised that guitars are freely available at this city and at a take away price too. I ended taking home one, hoping to start plucking away or let my son do justice at it.  

Bandung  in Jawa Barat invites you to visit the city and the current return air fare is as good as visiting one of our towns in Malaysia.

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