Sunday, September 13, 2015


For the desire need to get back on the blog as I have been away from it for quite away this would be a good short cut. 
As age catches up with us so too the health sees its own side too. Instantly this picture of the old house where I was born and brought up becomes a good choice and preference.

It was built by my father in early 1948 and thankfully we have moved it to a new site in a kampong 10 kilometres from its original site. Moved? No not the whole house at a time but hard work and skill- fullness of moving pieces by pieces and fixing them together saw the fruits of the day.  Of course with the added technical and architectural drawings by my wife.

Standing majestic better than it was last seen at the original land in Alor Setar. With fruit trees around it and a river directly in front it is a treasure piece, a Malay home of the old traditions. You are welcomed to visit.

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