Sunday, July 15, 2007

To Anticipate Is Better Than To Arrive

Back in days when I was at Kirkby Teacher Training College Liverpool, I recollect being assigned to write an essay entitled as above. I believed I must have touched on the aspect of traveling: imagining and planning while zeroing on the itinerary. Then we do not have Internet or Astro programs the likes of 'Travel and Living Favourites' or ' Globe Trekker' which give vivid description of visitors' favorites holiday spots. We had to trust brochures issued by agencies and at the most use our imagination. Therefore it is valid and true to say that we dreamt and expected the best of the places that we were headed for. Be it a mountainside chalet, seaside campsite or family home stay, we always saw the best and the expectation itself became an added incentive. We stepped out always on an adventure. I must say the induction seemed to remain intact thus I benefited both from the expectation and the realization of the true nature.

Our holiday or excursion cum break have taken us to several places around the region and outside. Foremost our contact with individuals, members of hospitality club of which we subscribed to and friends living there make such visits worthwhile, memorable and beneficial. For sure the trip would not be pleasurable and exciting had we proceeded without having an insight of what we would expect. Arriving at the destination with a clear idea of what to get and experience is an added bonus. Of course if you were traveling on a package tour it would be a different story. You have initially made it known that you would follow the pack: do and go as scheduled. I would not accept that kind of arrangement.

One Autumn day we found ourselves on the grass tarmac
on top of Australia's Parliament House Canberra.

Come with us on a short tour of places we have visited and see whether what we prioritize met with your likings. Images captured in your mind or on film/ digital camera vary from person to person. A return visit to Canberra A.C.T Australia where I was a student at ANU brought back the earlier experience of finding a quiet peaceful city and especially clean and beautiful. It was more beautiful with autumn in the air this time. Sydney and Melbourne no doubt have their attractions and we recognized their distinctions. Again we seek to remember the unfamiliar and uncommon. We may continue to anticipate even when we have arrived and our sojourn will surely be more rewarding

I chanced upon this horse carriage and the newly wed couples while they were being photographed on the wide open fields near Lake Burley Griffin Canberra A.C.T You would certainly not anticipate to come across a situation like this.

We could smile knowing that we were on the grass tarmac atop the roof of Canberra's New Parliament Building opened in 1988. The view from the top amidst cool strong breeze guarantees a panoramic view of the city.

Seen here is part of Lake Burley Griffin named after the landscape architect who designed the city in 1912. As centrepiece it pulled the populace to its lake sides throughout the year. ANU ( Australian National University is close by and a walking distance to this site)

At one of Canberra's suburb I saw this familiar scene. Besides all its modernity and efficiency the old display board continues to service the community's need. This gentleman taking time to browse the adverts.

Fish stock is sold at a reduced rate at an outlet in Canberra . At one time parts of fish are discarded until the Aussies found that Asians had strong clamor for these particular sections.

We think our rates are high. Looking at the parking charges at Sydney you may not want to drive into town often. You have to be ready with RM 100.00 per day.

Sydney has one extra to compete with our twin Petronas Tower. Moving along the Parammata Road you may come across these structures.

Ha,ha. What's the gentleman doing? Can we cooperate
to bring our washroom to that level or better?

These row of gum trees remained part of Sydney's identity. Much loved , they helped to adorn this suburb close to the Sydney Bridge.

At the famous Bondi Beach we met with this Restaurateur who served delicious hot Fish N Chip. The takeaway are wrapped in paper. A bundle is seen on the right with the buyer extending his $50.00 note. In the end it's people that make our holiday a thriller and the jovial friendly Italian added that much needed spice.

Our expectation on the visit to Australia was to look at waste control and its collection especially at Sydney and Melbourne. Through contacts and friends it was fulfilled. You don't of course see the unglamorous aspects of it all in pics.

In between we managed to take in the scenario around. The anticipation surely concurred with what was expected. On arrival everything was just as fine. It could not have ended better with lunch at a Restaurant in Melbourne favored by the Italian community and dinner at Sydney harbor wharf. Take a pick and order 'Oven Baked Barramundi' or a 'Whole Lobster.