Friday, July 13, 2007

We Continue To Learn

Three days ago a friend, an ex-headmaster of a premier school and currently a petrol station owner in town called at the office to ask about the technical aspects of drawing plans for renovating his house. Our conversation digressed towards petrol station and know how of running such a business. We asked about approaches when applying for an agency and the necessary do and don't. Now that Petronas and Shell being two leading companies are opening many new stations throughout the country, there is of course a large demand from would be entrepreneurs to jump on the band wagon and apply for the status of ownership.

He told us that amongst other things required, he was surprised to receive a phone call one morning. " We are at your front gate. Would it be possible for us to see you at home now?" They introduced themselves and once inside the house requested if they could visit the the bathroom and the bedroom. That done they took leave with the normal thank you. "But before getting into their car, they asked to look at my car too parked in the drive way."

We were told that the Company's agents looked at many wide ranging aspects including finance,diligence and of course personality while requiring the applicant to attend interviews etc. The visit to the home was of course an eye opener to what you do or don't do everyday

Of course the petrol station owner got what he wanted from us regarding his approaches for wanting to renovate his old home or to build a new one on site. Likewise we discovered a true approach at identifying cleanliness and attitude.

From the currently sensational Altantuya court case being heard at Shah Alam High Court we are deluge with many new discoveries too. The actors ranging from the judge, prosecutor, prosecution witness, accused, defence lawyer etc appearing in the case made us understand why the judicial and legislative service continue to be attractive. Yet more interesting is learning from the daily, statements that qualify actions or inaction from the witnesses with many interesting disclosures too. You have of course come across MP3 but now we hear of MP5 sub machine gun loaded with thirty bullets in each magazine. We heard of 'operatives' who received arms without having to sign in or out. We heard how an accused brought back to Malaysia was required to carry a knapsack on his back for reason of clear identification should he bolted while at the crowded airport. Police probes into the case caught our attention when notes, laptops, visitor's book , blood stained slippers, Sm's messages, videos, phone calls, CCTV etc became evidences for the prosecution. It appears that our common daily friendlies the likes of our desktop , laptops and hand phones hold evidences when so required. Necessarily our purchases through credit cards will show where , when and what we do at any particular time. All these help to glamorise movies and television series the likes of "Intelligence" and the evergreen "Mission Impossible". Hopefully there are senior executives of the relevant departments who take notes of outpouring and adopt a stance to put things on the right railings as much as we have learn to be cautious too.

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