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FRIDAY 31st August 2007 is a special day for Malaysia. Today the country celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Fifty years ago cries of MERDEKA vibranted throughout the breadth of the peninsular and later in 1963 in Borneo ( Sabah and Sarawak). Fifty years have gone by and it is certainly not easy to recapitulate past events. It would help if you have records or notes or anything that can bring back the memories. I have consciously in the past and present made a point to note events and happenings that come my way. Notes, photos and collectables all help. I would not have remembered happenings and tidbits of fifty years ago or further back without the help of such reminders. May I advise friends and families to adopt a keeness for details and record what you see and discover as you leave your footprints behind. It help when we want to delve into the past or even look to the future. Become a historian yourself. One that writes history as well one that can solve the mystries of the past. Believe me it will be a fulfilling time.


FRIDAY 31/08/2007; 18 SYAABAN 1428

As we settled down for a siesta or a quite respite after a hectic and rather busy morning with Friday morning shopping at the wet market in town over purchases of 'ayam kampong, udang, ketam' and the tempting 'lala', intermittently viewing the live telecast of the Merdeka Parade from Dataran Merdeka, and consuming the extravagant lunch since the large family had been invited, we thought it right that we leave some notes or footprints of things discovered and engaged in before today's significant day. The latest would be that since it was Friday, the male population including those in the house had gone to the mosque for the Jumaat prayer. The Imam read a prepared khutubah entailing the spirit of nationalism and the significance of wrestling for independence since 1511 from the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese. Kedah and Perlis had the distinction being under the Thai kingdom too. For that it was not just fifty years of skirmishes against the British, Japanese and Communists insurgents. It had been a lasting struggle very much in the minds of the older generations: our fathers and their fathers before them. They had endured the simplicity of life; none of the comforts that those in the twentieth century has tasted. It was true 'Merdeka' for them.

I bought several editions of today's papers: New Straits Time, Utusan Malaysia and the Star all came out with bumper issues. The New Straits Time hit the market since 25 August with free distribution of the papers published fifty years ago to the very day. It is a noble venture or publicity that not only help the young generations to know about the past but to discover strange unheard things from the news and the advertisements. Suddenly they became aware of goods or purchases that people fifty years ago choose and buy. They are surprised by the prices quoted or advertised, Fifty years from now the coming generation will again find such familiarities again, aghast at things we did. Surprised at what they see, read and hear. The multimedia and ICT would have added a new dimension which Merdeka 2007 lacked.

On 27/06/2007 we attended a grand launching ceremony at PICC Putrajaya. We accepted an invitation to observe Ministry of Higher Education's disclosure of its New Strategic Plan for the future. Over 3000 guests including students from Colleges and Universities attended. Our expectation was short lived since it became more ceremonial rather than distinct exposures of what to come in future amongst the universities and colleges. Still there will be new growth and approaches in higher education to meet future wants in the private and public sector be it domestic or foreign. Gainfully we had a sneak look at the majestic and imposing international convention center noted for its security measures known with no less than seven stages to deter incursions of a dangerous manner while an important international convention is held there.

We have visited Putrajaya on many occasions and yet to realise its full potentials, layout and distinctness. One thing we know there is always at any given time a large number of foreign and local visitors visiting the Putra Mosque and its peripheral.

Other observations or visits that came our way are best shown in the photos following with the appropriate notations. Surely it has not been a quiet eight months since the beginning of the year. What more since I too had hit the seventieth year of existence surpassing Malaysia my country by twenty years. I can surely shout Merdeka many times over since securing my independence upon reaching either eighteen or the twenty-first. I have casted my votes at several general elections in the past and will do again when one comes by soon. From the looks of things it should be just around the corner.

The imposing Putra Mosque at Putrajaya which has become an icon
for visitors to the national administrative center of Malaysia.

The Prime Minister and two of his cabinet members at the launching of the Ministry of Higher Education Strategic Plan at PICC Putrajaya singing the National Anthem along with the assembly.27/08/2007

We took time to visit the flora show at Putrajaya and this floral arrangement at one of the pavilion depicts what I believe to be the entwining of our society. 27/08/2007

The large assembly at PICC during the launching of Ministry of Higher Education Strategic Plan - promising autonomy for tertiary institutions plus other innovations. 27/08/2007

If you have wondered why you were going in a circle to get to the various precincts or the ministries wonder no more. This aerial photo taken as I was landing at KLIA on a flight from Palembang shows perhaps the largest round-about in the country at Putrajaya. April 2007

These lily petals and seventy roses were a special loving reminder of a blessed day when I chalked another decade. Thanks the wife, children and grand children for helping realise another good year with the hope that good health and family unity continues on. 23/08/2007

A quintet at a wedding ceremony reciting the verses and leading the 'Marhaban' session. These senior citizen group help to liven the atmosphere at ceremonies while perpetuating traditions and religious obligations. Their attire and preparation throughout give color and sophistication. 19/08/2007

The entire notice above is not the totality but suffice to record some of the events that came our way and we became participants. Rather than being vague or uncertain of anything that crossed our path the few that remained identified would certainly become creditable clues should we wish to recapitulate and look back to those moments at the stroke of midnight on Friday 31 August 2007 or thereabout.
Friends let's Shout and Cry Merdeka as they do with full convictions. May we see challenges accepted by our community and the target for a developed nation status by 2020 become a reality.

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Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

I totally agree with you on your urging us "to adopt a keeness for details and record what you see". I think our society lacks this habit. Even our flora and fauna deep in the virgin jungles were recorded by the mat sallehs first right from those colonial days.

About the roud baout in Putrajaya, you are right. It is the biggest in Malaysia. Since it is so big, probably not many realize it when they are circling it.