Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Surprisingly I seemed to receive accolades from unknown blogger, who read my stories. Thank you and they are sights/notes admirable. Cause it helps to link me and you and especially through my eldest daughter who takes the extraordinary name of 'Queen'. Not that she controls the home but certainly oversees like other hard working lady the household and the kids and grown up in the house. That she only learned of my spirited writing just now, goes to show that as daughters and sons, they have much more to fathom about their dad. Would you agree?

Terima kasih for all your encouragement. Really not many seniors get to do blogs. Many reasons. Time, experience, attitude and reason for wanting to write itself. If they do, it helps as I have discovered. Through musings of Queen I found many hidden corners in the closets. Adult children seldom talk to their dad. But they convey ideas through other media. This is one good way. This is just a brief by the way.

Now back to my previous story of the house in Langkawi. Just a few extra photos to make you realise what we are missing cause we abandon out natural and traditional homes. Still not too late and as many of you, so much favor the good old days and the rustic homes please do something. Dream, Will, Get a small piece of land anywhere, and Get cracking before all are taken up.

The largest house that they are building. Note the tall mango tree kept and trimmed to accommodate its branches through the living room. Already new buds are growing. Tembusu timber pillars are used for this particular house.

Through the front of the house with the uncompleted roofing.
This is a largest house and with only ONE bedroom. It will cost a bomb if you were to stay for a night or more so for a week here.

Andre giving us a briefing of this worker's house which is temporarily their home. That's not me behind Andre. Observe their liking for allowing the 'petai' tree to shoot through the roof

An archaeologist discovering this house say ten centuries from now would be wondering how this mural with coconut palms, buffaloes in the field and a Malay house came to be built here near Makam Mahsuri. He may wonder though how a dolphin come to be on one of the wall at the gazebo near a swimming pool. He would be hard pressed to know that the couple were Dutch who sailed into Langkawi back in 2006. Still as we remarked to Andre and Ria. 'Welcome back' since the Dutch were in Malacca in1624.

Notice the rafters and colored glass used. Fan from the high beam and spot lights added color at night and even daytime while giving good ventilation and fresh air.

Andre showing the wood design of the window looking into the rubber land at the back. Mrs, being an architect herself just marvelled at the couple's painstaking love and care for their home. We would too.

All that beautiful splendor come from building their wooden home ( except) for the large house from old homes abandoned or sold off at dirt cheap price because we never realise or never want to accept 'recycling' or whatever term you may want to use when we refurbish. So if you come across any beautiful home wanting to be pulled down or discarded PLEASE call us. We would appreciate.

Coming: ' In Search of Old Homes ........ '
Let's LOOK at some abandon homes. Imagine what you can design or articulate from its present form. Throw your imagination wild, and see what you can get from the richness of timber etc . Preview these two photos. Dream on and we will achieve what the couple have done at Langkawi.

A abandon building we saw at Kota Bharu Kelantan. Enlarge and you will notice the richness.

Another abandon home at BalikPulau Pinang. No it is not only famous for durian but there are many old Malay homes here. Take a drive there and you will be glad you did.

There is even a large wooden house cum hotel in Alor Star where once P. Ramlee and Saloma came to stay and perform their musical talents. We will share that with you. It must be over 90 years.


Kak Teh said...

Pak Non, recently one of our daughters, who was born in London, decided to go back to Malaysia to track down her roots. She really wanted to see old Malay houses and my husband contacted Pok Ku Ismail in Terengganu, whose house Pura Tanjung Sabtu was undergoing conservation.
She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and took many photographs.
I am sure she will be pleased to read your blog too. And can I linkyour blog in ?

Queen Of The House said...

It was your grandson who came up with the name "Queen of the House", I suppose because to a child ibu lah ratu di hatinya!

I was not surprised that you are blogging, knowing your love for writing and how IT savvy you are :-) I enjoyed reading your memoirs and it would be great if others can read it too; and I am sure there are many more things that you can write/have not written about as memoirs can never be complete ...

maklang said...

A new addition to the blogs that i have to bloghop! Thanks Pak Non...

KotaStar said...

Dear Kak Teh, Much appreciated. No problemand I hope she will find the writing interesting as well as throwing some new lights.

Pak Non ( Queen's dad )

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

I love the "mango tree in the living room" photo.

Btw way my dad's house in Kg Kepayang Ipoh is old too. Tapi masih belum abandoned lagi la...

KotaStar said...

Sdr Azizi,
Yes I take consideration of that too and the picture will appear in the next story so that bloggers will notice its blending with the environment of the kampong.It stands smack in Ipoh city too.

Semoga ibadat saudara dan keluarga sepanjang Ramadan mendapat restu Allah swt.