Friday, September 21, 2007


One of my grandchildren, Danish came running into the kitchen crying out "Mama! Mama! Eeee....! Banyaknya kasut. Nak buat macam mana ni..... !!! ".

That was last Saturday.

My wife and our daughter Djasriza, Danish's mother were busy preparing dishes for Buka Puasa as we had requested the family staying around the city to turn up at our home in USJ Subang Jaya. We too had just arrived from Alor Star one day earlier. It would be marvelous if they could turn up and break fast as a family.

So as the hour moved closer to seven o'clock and nearer to the time of breaking fast more guests arrived. Brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren thronged in after escaping from the confine of the motor vehicles with their fathers earlier at the wheels. In all excitement and total abundance of inhibitions, they stepped into the home. Of course flipping off their slippers and shoes outside. That was when Danish came rushing in from the door. He had welcomed them as a child would but I supposed he was surprised to see what I had also taken the liberty to record on film.

That spurted him to rush in crying for his mother's solution. Why did he cry out and insist on something to be done?

Danish just like his grand dad is quite fastidious, neat, tidy and for a lack of a better word may we say 'CEREWET'. I have often also insisted my children to be tidy and more so when entering homes. As we take off our shoes, slippers, sandals or whatever items we wear please place them together neatly rather than allow them to be scattered and displaced as more joined in the merriment. Just imagine the chaos whenever we leave after a khenduri or any function organised inside a home or hall. It would be a miracle when none come out exclaiming that he or she could not find his/her footwear.

Danish has been 'trained' because 'insisted' would smack of forcefulness, to arrange his shoes and that of the family members whenever he enters the home. However on Saturday 15 September 2007 it was beyond his comprehension. So " Mama please help. Macam mana ni ...Kasut banyak ni ...... "

Notice the row of shoes neatly placed by the side of the wall. He had placed them there earlier. When there was this invasion it must be too much for him. I suppose he could not find a solution at that very time. He needed help.

There he was screaming for help and what do we do?. Only to laugh aloud at his 'dire strait' and only later to appreciate his acquirement at a tender age of four years. Maybe I will give him a special gift for the coming Hari Raya for stepping into my footsteps. Ha! Ha!

By the way, do you observe any trend or nature of placement of shoes as caught by the camera? It is an interesting 'order' or may you say 'disorder'


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

In that sense, then I would fall into your gategory of 'cerewet' too. I would go beserk when shoes are scattered all over and insist my children arrange their shoes -- but most the time to no avail, *sigh*

Queen Of The House said...

Haha ... my shoes are not in the picture. You'd be pleased to know that I had put them neatly in one corner. But I can see some of my children's shoes. Maybe they should spend more time in your company so that this 'cerewetness' rubs off on them :-)

ADIEJIN said...

Salam King Pak Non...Bloghooped here from your daughter's blog, ( she insisted that u should know she's diverting traffic to your blog )the Queen.

Anyway, I like most the pink boots. Let me guess,it belongs to a vain litte girl, impatient, outspoken and manja.. betul tak ? Wonder where QOTH's shoes were.

Fashion said...

looks nice....i too spread my nike shoes around the house and they look pretty good...

Anonymous said...

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