Sunday, February 24, 2008


Dateline: Sunday 24 February 2008

It is Nomination Day. Processions of supporters with flags wavering, excitement and jubilations high at the prospect of their candidates standing for the coming 12th General Election moved on to the respective centers to submit their papers. Most candidates arrived early and the expectations were high. Candidates for the respective political parties or the independent must have known their missions.

Congratulations to candidates who won even before the arena is opened for a fair duel. As at noon today at least two candidates have repeated their previous success at being elected on the closure of the nomination papers. No candidates were there to oppose them. They would or must be giants in the polling game. Otherwise why was no one willing to fight them? The champs from Johore and Sabah will now give their energies to other candidates of their own party.

Yet it must be 'idiotic and disasterous' for a candidate from a known political party to be ruled off as faulty and unacceptable for on checks he is found to be 'muflis'. Now with all the prior checks and balance to find the best available candidates to stand for the Parlimentary and State seats and even as reportedly a green flag from the Anti Corruption Agency, one cannot concieve the thought that such a mistake can be made. It happened. One would accept that a school candidate sitting for his public examination would make an unintentional mistake. Not a candidate from a political party with all the checks and balance at this crucial hour?

The game begins and in the next twelve days we will hear many stories; revelations, rumours and expositions. The expectation? Who will form the government at the Federal and State levels? The ballot box decides. The populace who can throw their votes will be wooed. Yet they are forgotten once the game is over. They need to demand their rights too. Winning candidates MUST accept their roles to the electorates and not be busy with governance only as though that is their only roles.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Nomination already done. Hectic two weeks ahead campaigning? Me, I will just sit back and enjoy the circus and antics of politicians jostling for attention...and votes. I'm a couch potato political observer :-)

KotaStar said...

I was at Putrajaya mosque last Friday and saw the three musketeers from Perlis trying hard to get the attention of their captain. Caught a pic of Shahidan talking to the press, said hello to Azmi and saw the SU Radzi walking away quite worried. The show was witnessed by hundreds who had just come out from the Friday prayer. That was the first circus show I witnessed.
Will yr dad go to vote? Salam to him.


Pak Non,

Your student is a PAS candidate for Parliment Sik . Yeah ! Che Uda Che Nik . God willing , he will win.