Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Seeing that there are bloggers and blogs all over with characters and expressions of their own and yet attractive and captivating either by design or content, it is rIghtly a mean towards self expression. The individual is caught in wanting to pen down thoughts, memories, impressions , ideas and whatever that comes to mind through a media that sees the printed words on screen instantly not only for himself but it can be distributed worldwide in a matter of seconds for others to behold as well.

We note that blogs should be distinguishable while expecting return visits or clicks. While bloggers do attempt to make their sites interesting, they will also keep the sites active not letting them be dormant. There would always be a topic to write about. You write because you want to do so and not forced upon or obliged to do so because of directives etc.

Seeing and understanding the current shortfall in oral as well as written expressions either in schools or tertiary centres coupled by a greater use of computers and explosions of computer centres, blogs can become an effective and compelling media for students to develop their communicative skills. Knowing that their respective blogs will be read openly and commented there would be a whole hearted attempt by students to fabricate them properly taking care of all the nicecities: design, layout, grammar, spelling etc. All in all it would only improve and possibly we may discover a new media of making writing, reading and thinking a lively exercise once again.

It is interesting to know how the school computer programs are being implemented. They may be introducing all the elements of usage etc. In the end it is communication that holds the key to the multimedia explosion. So why don't we promote communication via blogs either inter-classmates, inter-schools or world wide web?

It would be interesting to see a competition developed on the strength of communicative skills via blog production.
A reaction from colleagues in schools especially would be appreciated


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

What a great idea!

Rather than wasting rate payers' money by letting the computers collect dust in computer labs (or be used just for playing games) better use them to develop creativity in our children.

KotaStar said...

Thanks. It hit me suddenly why we should not use the media to communicate at large. Take for example the NST program which is successful at improving English. This would cover ALL schools irrespective of rural or urban where ICIT is found. I will forward the suggestion to the Minister. Who knows, it may come true if not already done.