Monday, March 10, 2008


My grandson Danish Idzfan caught in an orthodox post as though telling us this is an upside down stance. "Not to worry Tok Wan! It can happen. Safely too"

We are aware of the result. It speaks louder than words declaring triumph for the winners and abject fiasco for the losers. Ironically we seem to notice minimal or controlled disappointment among the 'Barisan Nasional' camp or supporters as though the wind of change was already perceptible and when it blew in there was not much to be done except breeze along. No protest. No show of any kind.

It was also a huge surprise to the winner. Thoroughly unexpected for a giant conquest though no doubt there would be a shift but not to the extent that the 'opposition' would ride into Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor with such magnanimity. It is a turn around now. The people irrespective, supporters or opposes, in five states now have the duality of two separate governments to come face to face with: on one hand the Federal Government and the other the State Government. It has functioned before. At least in one state but the juggling is now with five. Would it be easier, smoother and condescending as before? Would it be frivolous?

Since Sunday ( 9 March 2008 ) or Monday ( 10 March 2008) we have seen activities in all camps. The winners began to consolidate and take the necessary actions to form the government. Firstly to appoint the respective Menteri Besar or Chief Minister plus of course the Prime Minister. Uncharacteristically till today ( 12 March 2008) there seems to be a delay in the appointments in Perlis, Trengganu, Johore, Pahang, Perak, Selangor. Understandably the last two are new winners with a coalition mandate but the earlier four are incumbent governments. Why ?

Abdullah Badawi at the forefront faces mounting and complex responsibilities. He has to answer to himself first and then the rest of the Barisan Nasional members and sympathisers the abject failure. Doesn't he see the signals and read the messages before the 8 March 2008? Was he in lullaby land all the time as so often reported? Were his advisers rotten or incapable?

I could not imagine how we could go to war or face any confrontation with such ill preparedness? Imagine the debacle of the communist regime or the Japanese invasion before? The latter was an example of unpreparedness or over confidence. The former at least saw semblance of operations to win the hearts of people, strategy and strength at all corners to rid the country of terrorism. Are we prepared for anything??

How could the voice of people, not hundreds but millions be unheard and ignored? Where were the special branch, the government agencies, the youth and puteri group, the divisions, 'cawangan', the media and the 'responsible' ministers of the various ministries tasked with their jobs?

Unfathomed , Unbelievable, Unpardonable are some of the abject disgruntles we can place on the fiasco. That is if we are members or supporters of BN. Do we believe in the awakening? For the moment no push, no momentum yet though one would expect a quick response after the ill gotten gains.

For the winners, new responsibilities. Already some discernible actions. At least in Penang there is a responsive action taken at cancelling all parking and petty stalls summons prior to 10 March 2008. The controversial ' Lumba Kuda' development has come into focus too. In Kedah there is a guarantee that ' Pusat kemas' would be allowed to function. Small tokens but meaningful for the those who have walked to the polling stations to drop their ballot papers on polling day.

Academics, politicians,historians, you and I would like to untangle the mystery of the 12Th General Election of Malaysia. It would be useful ( not at all interesting) to realise how the 'capable', the 'proven' and the 'trusted' could suffer defeat so magnanimously and yet the 'underdogs', the 'unrepresented' and 'the unexpected' could break the tape and left the others trailing miles behind in what could have been an 'iron man' race' of the century.

Meantime have a look at some of the 'shots' taken during the election fever period as recorded around Alor Star.

Father and son at Kerpan, Jerlun. This is one example of the family tradition that hit the campaign trail this time. He won the parliamentary seat.

A gun blazing away along the roadside with the picture of the candidate as sentinel. He too saw success as Ahli Dewan Negeri.

A mother's love and affection is the most sought reward for any person. With success comes this emotional clutches.

Flags and colorful buntings sometimes dangerously strung along the main roads and strategic positions make up the decorations and carnival atmosphere of the election game. This time around it seems people were adamant to the posters and flags. It would be appropriate that comes the next election such paraphernalia be discarded totally thus saving cost and maintain tidiness and cleanliness. Bloggers held sway though BN instrumental in setting up ICT development in the country failed to see or realise the significance of new technologies. Each small comment could be forwarded to many others throughout the country and world wide.



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