Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Office staff will ask their bosses for privileges or what ever benefits due to them. Just so, their tenure gets recognition and there is care and attention from the management. Yet this does not happen often. Still they give their best and never shirk their responsibilities.

But then do you ever notice how the office staff appreciate and value their being as members of the group and the service they are in? It may not be too glaring or noticeable in a large department or organization but at smaller unit it exposes itself quite clearly.

Likelihood many would show respect and decorum to their immediate boss and especially the manager or the head of department. They may give their hands at all ventures personal or official; they visit each other’s home. Still that does not amplify their unity and cohesiveness to one another and gratefulness for being in that position. What comes out from their innate desire to share some pleasures with the office staff is a hallmark of their true feelings for the company and the colleagues.

Have you ever observed how members of the staff at odd times, without prior notice or request would come to the office with containers of prepared dishes or servings to be enjoyed by all at tea break or lunch time?

What brings the person to take that initiative, spent time at home to prepare for his/her colleagues’ taste buds and sharing-ness? Time and sacrifice naturally have added extra load. “Still, never mind. I am so much happier that I can share what I have with my members” seems the likely feeling.

‘Pulut and durian’ would find itself in the pantry one morning. Another day it would be ‘laksa’ or ‘ nasi lemak’. Even ‘harum manis’ that most delicious of mango especially from the Perlis plantation would filled its aroma in the confined office space and to the delights of many. ‘Sambal belacan and assam garam with the right combination added to the taste buds too. On a very lucky day even 'Nasi Beraini' may appear. In fact even trainees, on temporary posting at the office joined in supporting this tendency. Come the fruit seasons you will find all manner of local fruits brought to the office too.

I find it extraordinary that members of the staff found this likeable attitude a practiced characteristic at our office especially. It smacks of their appreciation for one another and thoughtfulness or gratefulness and perhaps in Malay term wanting to express their ‘kesyukuran’ for all that they have received.

Directly or indirectly it helped to foster close bond between members, appreciating each others contribution and bringing about the ‘unexpected’ at the office each day when they turned up. Only this time it is to the delights of all.

Any one that failed to subscribe to this goodly practice left us wondering why he is unable to come to terms with it. Is he unprepared or still overcome with other issues that failed to bring him within the ambits of his other colleagues in the same office? He is distance from the rest of the members? Or is he refrained from contributing by other constraints. Truly it cannot be non contagious to him when all have been inflicted.

We would of course compliment feelings of camaraderie such as this in any situation. Wouldn’t you? It has brought good relationship. For the case of the exceptional member there is a need for a chat. It would help him and the management too. Delicacies and delicateness in whatever formats and forms have ways to be resolved.

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