Thursday, April 3, 2008


A view of the smaller islands near to Kuah Town. You can see the ferries entering and leaving with their load of visitors and tourists plus the yachts that anchor for safety and provisions

The City and the Jetty Point is clearly viewed from here. Imagine the night view. The fame 'Pulau Dayang Bunting' is just across inviting you to its fresh water lake with the magic properties.

The coast is seen here stretching as far as the eyes can see. Come evening you are served by beautiful sun set right from your own balcony never even leaving your steps


Certainly not a cry from superman but an exclamation that we are reaching the clouds in terms of designing a home up a hill. Many years ago we looked with desperation or indignation that many homes were built atop hills in Bukit Bendera Penang, Bukit Larut Taiping, Fraser's Hill Pahang and of course Cameron Highlands Pahang. Currently many homes have taken roots up Penarak in Langkawi thanks perhaps to facilities available for residents to acquire and purchase lots there.

People go all the way to get a sanctuary of their own. This would mean building a home to meet their dream. Comfort, serenity and safety being some of the desirable objectives of course. Its size and cost depends on the flexibility of the owner. More especially the location will play a crucial if not the most important part. Where would you locate your dream home?

In an orchard? A rubber plantation? or amidst padi field? All that gives a bewilderingimagination of the splendour and beauty of the landscape. Perhaps another person would go for the seaside location with waves washing the shore and swaying palm trees an added attraction. The more the person has travelled widely, the greater will be his scope and imagination for the features and design of his home. The limitless scope is guided by his expanses and the design of his architect.

This first day of April, we had an opportunity to meet with a dreamer and in reality a builder by profession who wanted to build his home in a most extraordinary location. We visited the site. It offers the most splendid view anyone would wish for. Rightly so it is almost at the summit of a hill and overlooking the harbor, the bays, islands and Langkawi town. It is a most challenging site. Thankfully it was not an April's fool venture or invitation. It would be easy to accept that visitation as one. It being so extraordinary. This owner, a foreigner who has been in Langkawi for more than five years invited us to see his plot of land and indicated his wish to construct a home. He briefed his wants and setbacks and hopefully the architect could come up with a design complimenting what he has imagined and dreamed of. It was a straight forward encounter with both parties agreeable to work out initially the preliminary.

The challenge starts. Like any other appointment or briefs given, it is a golden opportunity especially it is closer to home and more so for the location with its stupendous view of Langkawi and its islands. It is a simple enough objective i.e to get a unique shape and maximise the most exclusive character of his property i.e the view. It is rare that one would get such a splendid view and he must consider himself blessed with one. Next is to fulfill the owner's dream of his sanctuary and satisfied with the accomplishment. Hopefully the landmark would attract others to contact us for design of exclusive private homes with unique character, less financial constraints for the 'rich' and the 'famous'. Anak Arshad Architect would be too happy to oblige.

Have a look at what the site offers. Wouldn't you like to have such view everyday of the week? In my earlier writings I have already indicated the pull to Langkawi, our holiday island and now a recognised 'GE0-PARK enclave.'


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

from which vantage point are those pics taken? certainly not Gunung Machinchang, because one can't view Pekan Kuah from there...

KotaStar said...

Dear Azizi,
Glad to see you again thru the blog. The site is at Penarak point, very close to the Custom quarters. You take a side road going to the Chinese cemetary and up till the Telekom tower which is visible as you approach Kauh jetty. This English guy got a large piece.I understand all lots here were given out as tanah usaha and hard to believe how he manage to secure the piece. I suppose it is not really hard to guess how it is done. By the way we also manage to get hold of a good piece of land on a small hill at Kedawang recently b'cause we could not imagine most of the good land being grabbed by the foreigners. Are you interested?Why not get togather with friends are secure a small piece while it is still available.
Salam to you and family. btw beginning to get sick of the current political happenings and therefore have to start on a diff topics. The photos were not shot with the SLR Nikon. It would have been better otherwise