Friday, May 23, 2008


In the aftermath of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad opting out of UMNO Monday 19 May 2008, we may reflect on comments and opinions expressed. One specifically caught my attention and it is none other than that from his own son the parliamentarian from Jerlun Kedah Dato Mukhriz. Mukhriz may not follow his father’s footstep in defense of the political need to uproot the present leadership but expressed it in a more exacting way. In short he expressed that there are many ways ‘to skin a cat’. Ever since the 8 March 2008 country’s election result, there is a lack of euphoria but instead a horde of unsettled issues overhang the country.

Still that is not the issue at hand. “Skinning the cat’ is. Now why would any one want to kill the poor cat and worst of all in a most unbecoming and cruelest way? We know the phrase smacks of a proverb but what is its origin? Is the cat really the victim? Maybe it is. As it is disclosed that cat is used as the animal to teach anatomy in medical classes being that cat’s anatomy is similar to the human. An American folklore instead meant it to be the catfish, much like our ‘ikan keli’ which naturally required it to be skinned first. Another described the exercise that you and I ( as youth) may have performed by hanging with both arms from a branch or an iron bar and then bringing the feet and legs and body up through the opened arms ending yet more gymnastically with the body curling up the branch or iron bar. That exercise got to be named ‘skinning the cat’ too. To describe several modes used observe: “ …. More ways to killing a cat than choking it with cream” ; or ‘ ……… killing a dog than choking him with pudding” The truth is that there are many ways or alternatives to achieving one’s goal.

Mukhriz in the running for the upcoming UMNO nomination and election while not following his father’s foot - steps, commented that the objective of dislocating the president’s position can be approached in more ways than one. Be that as it may, what ever action taken certainly would ‘get into someone’s skin’ and you would be fortunate ‘to escape by the skin of one’s teeth’, remembering that the opponent too would want to ‘skin yourself alive’ too in all earnest to be at the top. It is perhaps perceptible that the current issue of leadership or more significantly premiership should hug on to skinning and the feline loveable creature the cat.

I am sure amongst us , those who just love the domestic cats but would in no way dare come face to face with its other larger sisters who roam the forest and the savanas. Just so it depended too which of the cat family that one dares to skin off.

Its a cat alright but certainly not the feline one and just try skinning this one
in what ever way possible.



It is a different story with Tengku Maria Tengku Sabri ( jalan-jalan cari makan ). Tengok dalam iklan TV , dia akan anjurkan Jamuan Utk Kucing.....nak promote whiskas.

The real kucing they want to slaughter is the in-law who had become an OUTLAW ......even in parliament he was named as khinzir jantan.....what a miserable cat-call.

Kalau ikut akal , lebih baik makan kucing dari makan ayam.Kucing lebih bersih kekadang tidor bersama tuannya dan sepenoh masa tinggal dalam rumah . Ayam makan taik,busuk dan,dan......

Kucing jalang aku paling benci.
Dulu tahun 50an , Brigite Bardot orang perancis lambangkan dia sebagai kucing.......the sexy kitten.


KotaStar said...

Saudara Pak Cha,

A very thought provoking reply. Thank you. That shows a special insight into you which nampaknya terpendam tempoh hari.Classic as well exciting. Ha, Ha.Juga sapa tak kenal the french sex kitten before. Sekarang dah ada pula 'skinhead' dan 'skunk' dan terbawa-bawa budak-budak kita terikut dengan gaya mereka.Harap yg perempuan tak pula pakai 'skin-tight' dresses.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

I come to know about this skinhead thing when I was studying in UK. They are fascists who despise Jews & Asians. If they are in a group and in boisterous mood, they are best avoided.

But the funny thing is that in Malaysia, we get Malay youngsters dressed as skinheads and punks despising we don't know whom. They are nothing but COPYCATS who don't know the head or tail of it all.