Monday, May 19, 2008


The above metaphor is a choice no less for celebrating an anniversary of a happening. It was exactly a year ago that I went into outer space so to say; launching into the web pages and recording my earnest desire to start writing and putting down words and expression hopefully fulfilling to oneself and at the same time arresting friends and visitors to come and see the printed words and pictures. The random topics materialized on the spur of the moment, sometimes coming out of the blues. The blog entitled KOTASTAR had its birth and ever since ‘ a lot of water has flowed under the bridge’ leaving many residues behind. The beauty of blog is that it managed to hold on to these particles of garbage that we have somehow thrown out of our thoughts and imagination. To date it has registered seventy varied topics, all saved and to be referred just with a click. Now tell me where can you get result so immediately? Don’t expect your normal filing system to grant that immediate accessibility.

For good thing too, there are others who somehow managed to look in, pick up quite easily just by clicking and lo and behold interesting issues, personal or otherwise appear. You will surprisingly get comments from persons unknown to you. Still it is the freedom to come visiting without first calling which makes blogging a popular pastime. Yet once you are bitten by whatever ‘bugs’ you will not want to be away from it too long. A friend in Sik that small township on the eastern flunk of Kedah started blogging three months later than me and he has attained a record of sort for having published 300 topics of varied subjects. Now if he were at any of the institute of higher learning he would have easily completed his thesis; for determination and perseverance indeed came out to the fore.

As a new media ‘blog’ too has won itself a record of some sort. It seems that bloggers and their news managed to either informed or misinformed their readers and the 2008 Malaysian Election showed the swing that culminated in the result as seen. Extraordinarily now more people have become bloggers. Even politicians have found its attractiveness. ‘Che Det” blog that began 1 May 2008 has invited up to day no less than 470,000 visitors. No wonder a blog can also secure strong financial gain to its owner. Imagine its popularity and advertisers would be willing to pay for advertisements. Yes your blog can also make money.

The intricacies of blogging include not only the written form, but allow pictures and videos to be uploaded. I guess it present many other possibilities. Suffice that for the past 365 days I have been blogging, expressing as well as posting news or articles which would never have seen their existence if not for this free media that has captured the whole world. Happy BLOGGING.



Pak Non,
Tanpa dorongan dari Pak Non , I would not be on this siber-space.Thanks a lot , yes many lots .
Saya boleh manfaatkan masa , kalau tidak terbuang begitu saya .Dan sudah tentu Bukit Srengenge akan menyergahkan saya setiap pagi dan petang kerana suka berkeliaran bersama kera2,lotong2,pacat2 tanpa hala-tuju yang penuh berfaedah.
Now I can write , even though some rubbish standard . At the same time could get new friends , walaupun tak kenal rupa .Tak kenal jantan atau betina .Lelaki atau pompuan.....mungkin ada pondan .
Now very proud ,kerana lebih awal menjadi blogger dari Tun Mahathir.And today Tun M left umno,Tan Sri sanusi left umno too yesterday.
Pak Non , bila di Madinah nanti tolong sampaikan salam saya kepada Rasullullah dan para sahabat.
Doa for me also.

Queen Of The House said...

Happy Blog ANniversary!

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Happy blogging anniversary. You not only beat Che Det to it, but you became a blogger when 'blogging' was kind of a dirty word with the authorities. Somewhat like an underground movement. Exciting eh?

Keep on writing Pak Non. I particularly enjoy the jottings on your Kirkby experience - it gives me an insight to what my father experienced there.

Thank you.

Blogger said...

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