Thursday, September 18, 2008


NO It is not a foreigner or strictly a Mexican talking but surely a bumiputra alive and standing on the red laterite and muddy ground that make up the soil here in Kedah. He is one of many, and surely part of a large portion of the populace in the country that has been under the dark shadows of uncertainty and uncompromising debacle since 8 March 2008. To date it would have completed seven months when we touch the last days of September. Of course it will herald the finality of Ramadan for 1429/ 2008 and the beginning of Syawal. Even so the merriment and the celebrative nature of Aidil-Fitri would not help to rub off the foreboding months of uncertainty and un-accomplishment.

The 16/9 battle cry seems to fade away quietly now though substituted by another claim and mixed with the resignation of a law minister in Pak Lah’s government which certainly added another claim to the endless trails of ‘believe it or not’. But of all things why should the 9/11 tragedy be made a copy cat? Likewise it ended where it should be - a collapse.

Now back to the subject matter. We know that there is the elected government and on the other side the ‘opposition’. Both have got through the election process with the right numbers in parliament. Then go about doing what they should instead of wishing to outdo the other. One clamors to take over the government and thereby its representative becomes the new PRIME MINISTER with all the promises that the three party coalition PKR, PAS and DAP would give what the people want. Or is it what they want? The central legalized government voted in by the rakyat though with a smaller majority this time, becomes drawn into the game of cat and mouse and thus put aside into doing the expected and instead got itself complicated with issues one after the other. The Prime Minister is seen taking regular flights to Sabah and Sarawak obviously a fire-fighting stance. There were perceptible faults and simmering seismic disturbances all around the country though now reduced by five large territories namely Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan. Yet there seems to be a lackadaisical approach in everything that complicated many and put us all in a state of euphoria. Investing to do the best for the whole nation, the central government forgot that it has strong stakes in only the remaining eight states. Say farewell temporarily to the five that has abandoned you and give your best to those that have committed to hold steadfast to you. Priority seems to go astray with countless complications. Oil prices, racial undertone, mathematic and science in uncertainty because of media, leadership challenge, transfer of authority, BN schism, blogs power, rising cost of living, corruption, video issues, judges and rewards, ‘wang ihsan’, proton perdana servicing, C5, 16th September public holiday and multitude of efficiencies and setbacks expounded contributed to the theatrical backdrops never seen before on our Malaysian stage. Even ISA and MUSA got into the scene. Yes I continue to be perplexed by all that I see around me. What about you? Can we hope to see the rainbow with hues of bright colors after the storm? Or shall we continue droning and deep within disturbed intrinsicly by the sunset of 'ketuanan'?

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