Saturday, September 6, 2008


An old picture of my grandfather and grandmother with their
loving daughter my mother. I guess the photo was taken about 1915.

It is about time and the right time too that I put on paper or in this enchanting media some recollections of my own family. Seemingly we focus on many relevant issues, many really unrelated but happened to be in the hit of things and therefore up to date and easier to write about. We care what others would like to read. That would really be true to newscasters and newsmen. But we miss out recording the most dearest stories close to our hearts.

This chapter is about my grands: both on my mother's and father's side. Bless indeed all of us who had the opportunity to know any of them when they are alive. Sadly I had no opportunity to meet both my grand father and grand mother on my mother's side. Neither did I met my grand father on my father's side. All three died earlier than I knew when. Gratefully I was close with my grand mother i.e my father's mum.

Bless and grateful that I have photos of them which many in my age group would jump with joy had they been rewarded by such findings. They would naturally have a glimpse of their ancestors if they never discover them when they were alive.

During this Ramadan it is fitting that we remember our ancestors for they have put us where we are now. They have brought up their children and likewise ourselves. Now it is our supreme duty to do likewise and better still in this modern world with all facilities and opportunities. A thousand gratefulness and 'kesyukuran' to them for all that we have now.

Hadiah 'AlFatihah' satu-satunya hadiah untuk mereka. Doa restu dari kita dituntut untuk mereka semua. Jangan biarkan roh-roh mereka berkunjung tanpa mendengar bacaan surah-surah al Koran dari rumah kediaman kita.



Pak Non,

In Islam we are encouraged to doa to all muslims right from Adam/Hawa to the last muslim at the doomsday.I did and will do after each prayer.Insyaallah the doa will reach both your grand dad and grand ma.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Kalau tidak silap saya, mengenang dan mendoakan untuk roh ahli keluarga kita yang telah mendahului kita, terutamanya pada bulan Ramadhan yang mulia, ini adalah sangat dianjurkan.

KotaStar said...

Pak Cha dan Azizi,

Sanjungan dari saudara berdua membawa erti yang besar. Perihatinan itu yang menjalin dan mengkukuhkan persaudaraan kita. Semoga kita sama-sama banyak manfaat dari bulan yang mulia ini.InsyaAllah

Chon On Blog said...


What joy to have in safekeeping such rare photos of our elders. I wish i had, at least one each, of my paternal grandfather... Thanks a zillion for sharing this pix with us, for I believe it and together with a few others you posted to Lina, allow your grandchildren know how their great-great grandparents looked like and treasure their lineage... Salam to all, esp Mama

Monster Mom said...
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Monster Mom said...

Wow, you are so lucky to have a picture of your mom and grandparents.Such an antique!
I pity my dad for he never knew his mother let alone her photo....