Wednesday, December 31, 2008


THE PROCLAMATION of the 11th Yang DiPertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan on 29 December 2008 brought forth the uniqueness of 'Adat Pepatih' of Negeri Sembilan, one of the states in Malaysia. Where as most other states in the country, choose their ruler hereditarily Negeri Sembilan adopted a system peculiar to itself. Those of us who had the opportunity to see the live coverage of the 'Laying in State and the Burial Ceremony' of the Yang DiPertuan Besar Tuanku Jaafar at Sri Menanti plus the proclamation of Tunku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir as the new Yang DiPertuan Besar would certainly be curious to know more of this particular tradition. Occasion like this comes once in a blue moon. True it is there all this while but only when it hits the headline, then we are shocked to realise that there are things that we do not know and there is that curiosity to know now.

I am attracted to the above picture as appeared in the media. It is a ceremonial function and uncharacteristically no one wears a headgear; not even a songkok. Intrigued. Extraordinary because it beats any other ceremonial functions. Surely all of us know about the matrimonial linkages and followings of the Negeri Sembilan people but admittedly less of the ceremonial functions and traditions. Today we know about the roles of the four chieftains of Sg Ujung, Johol, Jelebu and Rembau. Each with their respective titles and callings namely; Datuk Undang, Datuk Johan Pahlawan Lela Perkasa Setiawan, Datuk Mendika Menteri Akhiral Zaman and Datuk Lela Maharaja. They chose and proclaimed the heir to the throne of Negeri Sembilan.

We are made known that the official swearing in ceremony of the 11th Yang DiPertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan will take place after the 100 days 'perkabungan'. Meantime we have time to dig into the references and learn more about the state which gives many statesmen especially from the royal household who have been exemplary. Al Marhum Tuanku Jaafar's siblings namely Tunku Laksamana (Tunku Naquiddin 61), Tunku Muda Serting (Tunku Imran 58) and Tunku Panglima Besar ( Tunku Nadzaruddin ) were candidates for the post just as Tunku Besar Sri Menanti ( Tunku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir, son of the 9th Yang DiPertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan was.

Learning experience is perhaps the best anecdote for all of us to take along as we swing into the NEW YEAR. Coincidentally the "Hijrah" 1430 and the 'Masihi' 2009 coming almost simultaneously. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL especially fellow bloggers.

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