Thursday, December 25, 2008


A sign that a new year is just across the line with this tree flowering its yellow blooms. It also heralds that the dry season or 'musim timor' is back in the Kedah plain. We will enjoy cool days and nights and time to start flying the kites too.

IN A FEW DAYS TIME we will usher in two new years, Awal Muharam and 1st day of January 2009. In fact both will run concurrently with Muslims and other nationalities or religious observers practising all the special dates and occasions attached throughout the year in the calenders. We will do that as we have done in the past years,

Yet 2009 has already caste a dark cloud on the horizon with countries feeling the coming economic turmoil. In fact thousands have already had their last pay cheques and worrying what the coming months will be for them. Malaysian are still in happy mood, unperturbed because our leaders are of the opinion that we could ride the waves and we are 'economically' strong. But all that trust and optimism seems to dissolve as days go by. Now they are talking in different tones.

Be that as it may, what has 2008 given or not handed us? Yes it has thrown on our laps many: the goodies as well as the brickbats. It has yet to answer to many unresolved issues. Foremost who blew up a young pretty woman from Mongolia; next where are the kidnapped or missing children? Will we continue to deport illegal entries into the country rather than close our doors? Making Malaysia an educational hub is one thing but allowing it to be a resort for 'students' to enjoy our facilities and sun shines detrimental to safety and security is another. What next re the teaching of science and mathematics?

It may be daunting to dwell on such petty issues as we stride into a new year. Still we have to be cautious while of course plan and approach the coming months with steadfast determination. We would like to believe that it will continue to provide us all the necessities.

A latest story about Lombok an island off Bali, seemed to tell the background of 'disappearing' young women from Malaysia. On record five are known to have left their families without traces. Now it seems, Lombok has a unique 'tradition' of kidnapping or running away with pretty damsels. This seems to be natural and 'manly' , showing shades of 'kelakian' when you could graped the women you like or fall in love with from their homes and later take them as wives. But running away with women from another country, crossing the border and international waters without proper documents , much less without the knowledge of their legal parents is no game or home-grown 'adat' anymore. That our young women, with much destruction on their families are gullible to such sweet talks and ploy is a subject of immediate attention less we find them in many corners of the world and not as near as Lombok anymore. That I hope and with other issues at hand will find remedies in the very near future.

Could it be that we have to be more thoughtful of one another and adopt strictly the neighboring and community spirit of yesteryear's and put aside this 'mind your own business' phobia ?

I trust 2009 though daunting as it seems right now will still gives us the best as the other past years have provided. Insya'Allah.




A new beginning........tapi bila dok tengok dia punya ending tu tetap di takok yang lama.

Sebab tu kita dikenali sebagai manusia.Bukan semuanya,tapi ada kecualinya.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kota Star, the best of Seasons wishes to you and family.
I was kind of pulled back reading your mention of several unusual happenings in Malaysia.
The unsolved Mongolian incident, the disappearing damsels, and the illegals presently seen all over the country.

But what really makes me feel uncomfortable is the many messages I get re the horrific crime rate.
Within the past month, and even on X'mas day in KL, I get news of friends, blogger friends, relatives being mugged, robbed and hurt....

And to read, to hear of these crimes being commited brazenly in broad daylight, in malls, in housing estates, in parks, it brings to mind what the cops are doing? Or not doing?

And again reading, hearing of residents in housing estates not getting good nights sleep due to 'Mat Rempit' gangs terrorizing the neighbourhoods it brings to question of what is happening in Kl and other towns?

This is not to say we here do not have crime. Yes we do, but not a scale as to hear what is happening in KL today.
However, the cops here pull or conduct a lot of Sting or decoy operations....nabbing the culprits till the crooks never know the person they try to rob is a policewomam in disguise, or a car is wired, or the car behind us is an unmarked cop car.
It certainly does discourage the thieves.

We live on the top floor penthouse and I sometimes get up at 3am for a drink of water...and can't help but notice couple of cars stopping for the traffic 3 am! Nobody dare run the lights even though the streets are deserted.

Two deterrents...hidden TV cameras, or a cop car waiting in ambush. At 3AM. (There are TV security cameras everywhere here)
Phone the police say you just got mugged by armed men, and within minutes at least 3 to 5 cop cars sirens screaming, flashing lights appearing.

And the cops here don't take prisoners...period.

I hope the new year will see good changes to the country...Malaysia, the Land of Smiles as seen on holiday brochures.

Re the economy, I believe, it will be China and India this time that will help revive the World's present depressing situation.
And the new coming US President....and till then tightening our belts and weathering the financial Tsunami.

Wishing you and family a very happy new year, best regards, Lee.

KotaStar said...

Thanks partner. I suppose Roy Rogers would have said that. I am relieved that a distant friend is so concerned with the not too good happenings in the country. I cannot deny what you have observed. What I wrote is only a surface observation. Yes there have been promises for tv and cameras to be placed at highways and streets but .....We are sure the authorities are aware of the actions that they can take but we wonder why they are not forthcoming. Could be they await another 'sunami' of a different kind.

Thanks Lee for your observation. Happy New Year.