Sunday, May 3, 2009


The on going TV show by Astro in its seventh edition is coming to its conclusion with only two more programs in the offing. You may be surprised or even wondering why a senior person should be writing about this youthful and entertaining program and more so shocked to know that we were at its latest show last night held at Dewan Sri Putra Bukit Jalil Selangor.

Truly for a RM20.00 ticket it was worth for all the knowledge and information derived from the three hour show. Not so much for the entertainment but for all that you see developed and happening right in front of your eyes. The stage with its props and lighting's , the stadium with its fantastic acoustics, the crews and camera men with all their paraphernalia helped to make the show a great success. I had my first sight of a movie camera with hydraulic facilities allowing the cameraman to zoom in and out at all angles while himself moving around with definitely a heavy equipment. Of course there were cameras that moved on extensions and controlled remotely.

Much more it was a live show and it is extra ordinary to see how everyone works within the space of time and urgency to make it a success. You saw the emcee came on stage and throughout delivered his role with flying colors even without reference to any notes etc as he faced the audience. Of course there were breaks in between but as seen on the TV screens you would never know what happened within that short lapse of refreshment to the crews and actors as viewers at home were transfixed to advertisements.

The greater success I believe is in being able to turn or transform the candidates into entertainers and successful personalities in the entertainment business . Imagine being able to become an icon after only three months of intensive training. Astro has of course succeeded in polishing our youth out of a choice of thousands who had come for its auditions earlier on. I am sure the director and staff of the show who have given their best to the students must feel proud to achieve such distinctions.All goes to show with full efforts, determination and discipline whatever we wish and want could become reality. I would like to think that if our students in schools, colleges and universities have that kind of training or enforcement surely they would pave the way to success.

Last night show was special in that it represented a musical theatre, perhaps in the light of the academy's mentor earlier success of the Putri Gunong Ledang show. The students we believed successfully played their roles of singing and acting to the best of their abilities. That they received complimentary comments from the three critics that come with the show every week justified their prowess and abilities. Still AF has always a shocker at the end of the show. With audience voting through sms we are always shocked to see talents being given the exit cards. Last night show was no exception. The audience saw two female candidates marching out. All is not lost since the director used her discretion to allow for a 'vote-in' which will see candidates ousted brought back in.

Truly we had a good three hours learning new experiences while spending moments away from our normal do. The comments from the three distinguished critics afford a clearer look and understanding of acting, performances and delivery be it voice, body movements, eye contacts, audience interactions, feels etc.

Time was an essence in the live program too. Seconds count and every one from actors to crews and audiences understood its necessity and order. Why do we not concur to the same in everyday existence?

Perhaps we may look to future programs 'yang mengilap bakat' or transform talents in other fundamental areas and not confined to the entertainment business alone. The ability to do so and the methodology is already there. Only we need the sponsors.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Waaah, peminat AF rupanya ;-)
Pak Non AFundi siapa? Glad to know that you are active and enjoying so many things in life.

KotaStar said...

Dear Azizi,

Thanks. It's true we need to know and recognize lots of things. That keeps us awake and going and as you do having taken to cycling and meeting new circles of friends, BTW See the Kirkbyalumni page, there is apixof yr dad and Pak Jaafar. I left a comment

KotaStar said...
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