Friday, May 8, 2009


Last Friday 1st of May being Labor Day, I was in the city and performed my Friday prayer at Al Bukhary Mosque Jalan Pudu. Kuala Lumpur. Then I was with Hj Hashim Abdul Rahman a very dear old friend who was leaving for home in Canberra Australia late in the evening. The Al Bhukary Foundation has marvelously built several magnificent mosques and this one quite close to St John's Institution is another addition, It of course served the community in the area well being situated in a heavy populated area without any other mosque close by.On that day, I thought I was in a foreign country ether in India or Bangladesh as most of the jumaah were foreigners. Still it was good to see Muslim of many nations at the Friday prayer and the mosque accomplishing its true function. Hj Hashim would be at the Abu Bakar Mosque in Canberra this Friday together with other Muslims in his home town.

Yesterday was another Friday and I was back in the city again and this time Friday prayer was at An Nur Subang Jaya. For the Friday 'khutbah' the mosque focused on the current calamity that seems to rock the community and highlighted by the news media. It was up- to- date indicating not only this mosque's prominent attention to the problem but the whole nation. The bilal touched on the 'ragut' and 'mat rampit' that have developed into uncontrolled situation and the former claiming three lives within a week. In one instant it was for a TWO RINGGIT assault as the victim had nothing on her except that small cash value. Earlier over FIVE HUNDRED 'mat rampit' on their motor cycles courted danger and challenged the authority on the streets in Kuala Lumpur. They made Dataran Merdeka their racing circuits.

It was a prompt and concerned view from the 'mimbar' stressing that it was not only the responsibility of the security authorities but the whole community as well. You and I, parents etc have the rightful duty to stop or curb this continuing menace from increasing and troubling the society. How we go about doing it is left to our discretion but we must come forward to work together with the authorities. One mosque in the city had focused its attention on the issue. Other mosques in the country and many other platforms must continue to bring about this dangerous and developing tendencies to the attention of the populace and asking for a concerted effort at iridicating it once and for all.

That having been said, now we look forward for actions. Will it simmer down again with no one taking the challenge to organise a concerted effort? Would it be too hard to hope that all the political parties in the country so much concerned with governance come forth to clear this troubling and other calamities that are beginning to disturb the fibre of our Malaysian society? Or are we leaving the issue aside to solve its own problem?

One sure way is to disallow any opportunity for the 'ragut' or grabber to take anything from you. Don't carry anything as you move in open spaces. Walk with friends never alone. Be alert.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello KotaStar, I read with great interest this posting and previous one re 'foreigners' and 'mat rempits'.
I cannot believe what I read.
500 hundred mat rempits running havoc in KL?

What are the authorities doing? I have been getting news from friends and relatives re the worsening crime problems...some already experiencing being robbed, mugged or home invasions.

To read from you, as well from my friends about 'gated communities', its like 'Fortress KL' or 'Fort Apache' in Western movies.

I guess the authorities better wake up fast and do something as this will affect tourism, businesses, public safety.
You stay safe Kotastar. Lee.

KotaStar said...

Thanks Lee,
Yr response seems to show how much interest is given to the subject concerned. Excepting from you there is that only indicator.Maybe we have become too docile and slow to react. Yes, there is a big drop in safety even to the point of causing fear. There has also been cases of kidnapping and ransom paid Alas the victim was not spared. One case a young student ended in a barrel. The family was distraugt more so because they did not report the ransom demand and the payment hoping the son would be returned safely.No.Smuggling and illicit drug sale are also on the rise. Seeing what had happenend in Philippine where armed guards protect their home, maybe gated or Fort Knox is not a secure place any more. We continue to hope for the best and immediate attention.

muteaudio said...

Salam Uncle,
Dah 2 kali mai KL. Apa kata we 'meet up' on your next trip here?

KotaStar said...

Hi, Sure why not! banyak cerita from the grape vine yang uncle boleh dengar dari orang disana. How are you keeping? We will give you a call or drop a line on yr blog page. Thanks