Monday, July 20, 2009


Not often as I said we get the opportunity to stop in Ipoh. Given the opportunity, it is creditable what the city can offer you in terms of heritage buildings. Pictures below capture buildings near the program site and imagine what the other parts of the city can give us. Sadly many buildings are left without proper care and attention much less earning the curiosity and full admiration as they should be. Whereas in other cities of the world such richness would be admired and crowd pullers.

Participants of the workshop giving their attentions to the paper presenters.

Two interior pictures of the 'General Post Office'. One with the participants viewing a wall which requires plastering as per method approved. Participants had their sessions of applying the lime and mixtures . On the right is the double storey section which definitely requires intensive works. It will be great to see the result when the conservation and renovation are completed. Observe the solid iron beam as supporters

Staircases amongst others which had been painted multiple times and part of the renovation work is to clean and arrive at the original base.

Two well-known buildings. One in blue is the F.M.S building , a 'famous waterhole' during the hayday of the rubber and tin boom period. Now left vacant though it was a restaurant several years back known for its delicious 'currypuffs'. Next, seen through the goal post on the Ipoh Padang is the St Micheal School.

HSBC building is one of Ipoh's heritage building and used as the Japanese Military HQ during the war years.

IF you have never known what an 'Ipoh' tree looks like, go no farther because right in front of the Ipoh Railway Station you will see it growing in its full majesty. In the background is the former General Post Office, part of which has been renovated and is now the Ipoh Town Hall. Another notable building is the Chartered Bank of Ipoh.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

some more very nice pics of Ipoh's heritage buildings, thanks. the blue building is quite famous. I think it used to be a bar or something. now its a kopitiam?

AainaA said...

Salaam Pak Non

Very interesting article. I see you're busy with your new gadget, and travelling about? How's everyone at home? I tried emailing you at your yahoo a/c but the email you've dis-activated ? Could I have your new email address ? I'd like to send some news, and a Q for Wan.

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Thanks. You see it below Hoping all fine with the family too