Wednesday, August 5, 2009


NOTHING connects you to persons more easily and definitely than the portable phone, This is not the first time I have misplaced or lost one. Yet the lessons are never learned or precautions are never taken. Going without the handy connector for a day or more may be peaceful but unable to get on to someone or to receive messages etc may also be daunting. Imagine hunting for a public phone, when you want to call for a taxi service? Then again without it, you have lost all the connectors. How many numbers could you remember? You may press the choice numbers and in all probability it will come back " The number you called is not registered or something in that order"

Now it comes to recording or discovering all the relevant phone numbers again. Before that you have of course rushed to the nearest kiosk to get a replacement, Regretting for not taking proper care. You will be surprised to see hundreds of used hand phones on show and for sale. No wonder the hand phone market is so lucrative because people do advance to higher technologies and go for all that it gives besides the ringing tone. Your choice? Depending on your seniority and technological apprehensions. I would go for the most uncomplicated and necessarily the same brand and edition of the previous phone.

As a necessary precaution or a definite action, you need to notify the telephone company of your loss. Your previous number must be barred less you want to cough out extras when you next bill arrived. That is if the phone has been found and surely not by you. Thankfully you can still reuse the previous number. Meaning that friends and relatives may still call you and that graciously lessen the task of searching for their numbers and names. Yes that is the challenging task as opposite to uncompromising because you always failed, no matter how many times you have faced the same predicament to have a backup. In the next few days or so you will have the inevitable task of searching for names and numbers less of course you want to wait until you receive incoming calls or messages, Or maybe it is a restful spite at least,

Contents in your phones are privacy to yourself. Besides the names and phone numbers, it may also contained other documentation, pictures or videos. I know for sure there are one or two specific shots of a historical nature or personalities. All pushing me to take the necessary actions of a backup in case it is repeated. Pictures should be transferred or erased rather than left to hibernate for its durations.

While on this story, it would help to garner us to be more careful and precautious. It is advisable that you take care how you list the names in your handphone. A family recently found themselves in a big predicament. A large sum of money was withdrawn because the wife lost her handbag through snatching plus all documents inside. An sms lovingly made to her husband to provide the pin number was an error unfathomed. The hubby did not checked back. All because the listing in the phone gave the intimate secrets.

" Sayang" ,"Abang"," Hubby", "Darling" are all taletales. It is advisable the listings show no indicators.

The snatcher was crafty as well as fast. Maybe there are lessons to be learned when you miss the handphone.

For the time being it would help if I get calls to help in filling up the empty folder. Thanks.


Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Salam Pak Non,
It will take months for one to get/collect back all the numbers one previously had in the lost handphone.

But whatever it is, there's always a hikmah behind this. It reminds us to be more careful and ... now you're the proud owner of a new handphone :)

Have a great weekend Pak Non :)

KotaStar said...

Terima kasih. Owner yes tapi 'proud'? dak pula. Perbelanjaan tambah sedikit benar. Apa pun sp kata saudari tentu kita akan lebih berhati-hati.
Salam kp keluarga sempena Shaaban dan Ramadan yang akan muncul nanti

malaysia baru said...

Apakah dengan ada berbagai2 nikmat dunia ini...ibadah kita semakin baik?

Anonymous said...

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