Friday, September 25, 2009


FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER / 6 SYAWAL 1430 – ON THE SIXTH DAY OF SHAWAL, you are still numbed by the number of fatal victims on the road. Despite all attempts to halt where possible road accidents during festive seasons, there appear to be no go at saving the lives of Malaysians. Imagine - despite reminders, road and highway surveillance etc the death now totaled 192. Code named 'Ops Sikap 20' seemed to be heading to the previous year figure of 208 dead persons due to fatal road accidents. Maimed bodies of children, youth, adults, men and women were witnessed by relatives, parents and families as they laid their loved ones to rest yet the gruesome avoidable happenings continue on. Attitudes, road manners, speed, road worthiness of vehicles, dangerous corners and sections of the highway and federal roads are offered as reasons or excuses. In totality Malaysian road manners or adventurism need drastic changes. Strict and no excuse execution of checks and summons must take precedence for all road users. Camera as promised at strategic places to record road code breakers must be installed immediately. Too long we have heard of the planning but nothing come of it. Driving schools and acquiring driving licenses must be geared towards road safety as priority. Or do we wish to see multiplication of death tolls on our roads continuing due to careless and unconcerned attitudes?

2. At the United Nation New York, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya turned up at the august house to deliver a scanting rebuke at the World's body slamming the veto rights of United States, Russia, China, Britain and France and reacted by tearing the front cover of UN Charter. He spoke for 1 hour and 36 minutes although only 15 minutes are allowed for all speakers. Earlier President Obama crossed the fifteen minute line by being at the mike for 38 minutes.

3. At the annual gathering of former students of Sekolah Menengah Darulaman in Alor Star on the third day of Aidilfitri which I attended in my capacity as a former principal of the school and meeting again some of my former students and teachers there was the usual camaraderie. Stories and recollections of the students in their teen years, thirty to thirty-six years ago where they received their education under strict but friendly principal- ship and guidance of dedicated teachers echoed year after year. This year was no exception. A record number of former students (140) attended the gathering at the school hall smacking their love and adoration for their alma mater. They returned to their homes for the Aidilfitri during the holiday break to be with their families but never dismiss the invitation to be with their school buddies. Not surprisingly, all in varied fields of business and career have grown in girth and size. Noticeably students of the later years especially of the 1980's, seemed to be over-sized than their elder brothers. The photo attached concur this foresight.

Some of the later students of SMD who sat for their SPM in the early 1980's. Fast food as favorite may have been indulged and saw size a factor. True or false? Lan Pat Pat in baju Melayu a huge puller that night.

Yet more exciting is to learn an interesting tale from one of the students. Che Ani, a grade 1 student, a school prefect and a scholarship student of the school and today an officer in the maritime service having served in TLDM that one day more than three decades ago he delivered a packet at my home. On the assistance of his father he went to my home at Jalan Sekerat Alor Star to deliver a 'buah chempedak' as a token of appreciation. Timidity caught him off guard and he left the fruit at the gate never telling me till tonight. Still it is a great appreciation I accept with honor. Sadly too Che Ani's father has passed away. The tale also marked the close rapport I had with parents when holding the helm of the school making it one the exciting and competitive schools in Kedah during 1974 – 1980. The ex-students gathering also congratulated former students who have made their way in industries, corporations and public sectors; namely Dato Farizuan Darus who is Penang State Financial Officer, Dato Zaharudin Zainol Abidin of LX-Mode and AzamHais Sdn Bhd, En Ibrahim Manager of Regency Hotel Alor Star, Lan Pat Pat an up and coming film and television personality and many others who have distinguished themselves making SMD a continuing bye word. I promised I would attend their future gatherings as long as their invitation comes in the wake of AidilFitri celebration giving support to their alma mater. Echoing their thanks ' for making them men and women' is a reward that touched all the teachers' hearts. Those years at Darulaman capped my career years.

4. No sad or unworthy story can equal that of a young husband in his 30's to discover in stark reality that his equally young wife has been playing fiddle. Expecting to celebrate her birthday he had bought a cake as required and yet to catch her on the eve of the day in close proximity with another man in a hotel room when a religious party knocked on a hotel door early in the morning. Shouldn't she be at home?

5. Grateful that on the occasion of this Eid Celebration, all our children and their families made their way home as first priority. They would otherwise in consideration of their partners (those married) choose to visit first their in-laws. Added more sweetening was the visit and stay of my three sisters and their families too, coming from Kota Bharu, Klang and Kulim respectively. This homage home to meet the father/brother and mother/sister is a tradition to be cherished and exemplified.

The school air-conditioned hall saw SMD former classmates coming together and reliving their nostalgic moments in the classroom and the fields.

Surprises of the sweet things are most welcome making highlights of our days. Aidilfitri 1430 sets a precedence.

The patriarch with his family , brother, nephews and nieces, grand -sons and daughters


Ocean Girl said...

Thank you for your post, I enjoyed it. Nice knowing some background of Kota Star.

Wonder what happened to the cempedak. I hope you found it even though you did not know from who. I can imagine being scared of your school principle and I think it was real nice gesture for parents to think of the teachers.

I wonder if things have really changed now. I think yes.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

I can't understand why the said boy would be scared of a nice principal like you...or is there another side to you? the fierce principal persona with a cane always in the hand? :-)

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