Thursday, September 17, 2009


The beautiful interior of Masjid Zahir Alor Setar with its ornate 'mimbar' will be thronged with the 'balik kampong' exodus early on Hari Raya Day when Aidilfitri prayer is performed here. His Highness the Sultan of Kedah has always attended the Eid prayer here and consented to 'berhari raya' or meet the jumaah after the prayer. InsyaAllah it will take place.

THE RAMADAN OF 1430/ 2009 IS COMING TO A CLOSE. IT then heralds the the 1st of Shawal , the first day of the month when Muslims celebrated with mixed feeling but with gestures of happiness, success, recollections and trepidations of the past, present and future. Every night during Ramadan as he joined the large congregation, standing in rows in the open hall of the mosque or surau with his fellowmen behind the Imam, completing the 'terawith' prayer he is encapsulated with the holy verses from the Koran and at times bringing tears streaming along his cheeks over many recollections and rewards bestowed upon his life while flashing too sadness , turmoils befallen others. He is grateful to be there, accomplishing the twenty plus 'rakaat' special prayer every evenings during the month after breaking fast upon 'iftar', more so on occasions when he breaks his fast with fellow community friends over simple dishes prepared by the mosque or surau committee, following with the 'maghrib' prayer. Truly Muslims in the country are blessed because during Ramadan 'bubur lambuk' are served at most mosques, surau, community halls and even at hotel's premises. They are so many givers; people who are open-hearted and recognizing the wants of their fellow beings willing to assist and donate. Ramadan is truly great. It is recorded that three months consecutively in the Muslim calendar have special distinctions. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. enjoined "Sesungguhnya bulan Rejab adalah bulan Allah s.w.t., bulan Syaaban adalah bulanku dan Ramadan adalah bulan umatku."

Over the years I have had occasions to witness and participate Ramadan at varied places. Wherever it maybe either far away from home or in the comfort of your own house alongside your families, Ramadan never failed to lent its distinguished characteristics while leaving also at its tail-end a saddening reminder 'Will you be around the next it comes around'.

We are most grateful that we have seen through Ramadan AL-Mubarak 1430. The family gatherings during the first week of Shawal approaching possibly this Sunday 21 September 2009 always grant a strong camaraderie of family unity and friendships while keeping the traditions and cultures alive.


This AidilFitri we will have an opportunity to welcome friends to the wooden home as seen in the picture, having salvaged one and restoring to its present condition.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non sekeluarga


Ocean Girl said...

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.

Teringin nak bersolat di Mesjid Zahir. Saya bertadika di sana.

kotastar said...

Ocean Girl, Selamat Hari Raya dan lama tak dengar khabar. Ya Masjid Zahir antara satu satu masjid kita yang tercantik. Tak balik kampongkah? Uncle percaya kelas tadika disana masih berterusan.