Tuesday, November 10, 2009


THE GOVERNMENT, with all the good thoughts and intentions behind it, declared that ALL motor cars past (15) fifteen years age on the road will be subject to road worthiness testing and approval come the New Year. Even before circulars or directions could be distributed or the agencies responsible had an opportunity to sit down to plan strategies or approaches or for that matter think about the whole issue, a decision came like lightning to retract the whole procedure. Because hues and cries or PROTEST by some people directly or indirectly to be affected by the regulation the government pulled out the planned intention. Of course, the fallacy was that they would be slapped with extra expenditures, questioning the inability to get insurance for their aged vehicles and probably the time and incapacity of 'puspakom' to test the vehicles bearing in mind their current performances.

Seriously we missed out on the SAFETY factor and economics too. Aged cars, properly cared for, engine as well as body-wise would be in better standing than otherwise. A vehicle that goes through the yearly inspection with flying colors could be sold off anytime and with a better price. More so it will guarantee peace of mind to the owner and other road users. Malaysia would not be the first country in the world to have adopted the approach. Many have done so. Examples are there for us to learn from. Yet we decided too soon to accede to public disfavor.

I remember owning a vintage Worsley Mark 3 of more than 20 years old while studying in Canberra. I had to get it inspected by the relevant agency every year and there was no qualm about it. The engine was in good running order, the breaks were excellant and there was no oil leakage. That we had to make doubly sure. Any sign of rust had to be taken care of. No big problem as that could be attended to. The procedure never lasted half a day. Prompt as at time allocated and quick off the mark, the inspection was a jiffy. We found the scheduled check as time for us to care for our vehicle and ensuring its road worthiness. The car bought for AUS 300 dollars, was sold three years later without a loss. It would have been a collector's item now.

Our second-hand or vintage cars would have been better off if the inspection procedures were implemented. Of course the worrying factor by the motor owners could have been explained and arrangements made to justify that the inspection and issuance of third party insurance etc would be attended to without troubling motor vehicle owners. Of course the subject has been buried deep now. Still I believe we miss out on insuring road safety for isn't that our prior concerned?

Now, we sincerely hope that the purchase of cameras for positioning at roads and highways in the country will not get the same fate. It is urgent that motorists learn to respect highway codes and precisely the country's speed limits. Hopefully the spying eyes will deter ALL motorists from pressing their throttles or accelerators beyond the stipulated speed. Or do we require other forces to check the speed demons within us? How we look forward to sanity on our roads and breathe reliefs at each festival celebration! We will be too happy not to read the fatal accidents reported daily due to human and vehicles failures. We count for greater road safety in 2010.



Pak Non,

My Beetle and golf still tip-top.Cuma I don't take care the bodies.

My Beetle is celeberating her 39th years old , and my golf her 30th year in 2010.

They are not cars,they are volkswagen.

kotastar said...

Volkswagen , the people's car was the top car in the country around 1960's. Pa Cha's VW is one but his 'Golf' is another a model hard to find now and one of the few in the country.With a fresh new paint,upholstery redone, engine retuned etc, don't be surprised that you may be offered a large sum. But SAYANG betul hendak berpisah dengan teman yang dah berpuluh tahun bersama kita, banyak berbakti kepada keluarga etc. Bolehlah cerita sedikit sejarah dua 'beetle' tu! Elok dengan gambarnya. VW saya BM7172 dibeli pada 1963 dengan harga RM5600.00 Gaji bulanan RM370.00 sahaja pada masa tu. Che Gu Shahanon dan Mat 'Botol" pernah bersama pada satu hari dalam perjalanan kami dari Alor Setar ke Kuala Lumpur. Accident dekat Ipoh memeranjatkan kami semua termasuk Shahnon yang sedang lena di seat belakang. kereta rusak tapi kami bertiga selamat. terus ke KL dengan teksi.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

You are right in that the government had all the right intentions. The mystery to me is why it wavered too easily when the 'rakyat' speaks.

If the government was sincere (and I'm sure they had done all the research to back their earlier policy) they would have weathered the protests and stick with the policy.

So it makes me wonder...are they trying to project the image of being a caring and prihatin government? I don't know.


Pak Non and Azizi,

Kalau nak jaga rakyat,make sure they are not hungry , they have a house to live , enough clothings.

Ni tidak ,ditempat saya 5 tahun sekali dapat 5 kilo beras.sekilo gula,sekilo tepong,sekilo minyak masak.Kemudian atap zinc 5 keping utk ganti yang mana bocor.

Kekadang JKKK 'rampas' di tengah jalan.....masyaallah.